The 5 Minute YouTube Content Marketing Plan


You can start marketing your brand on YouTube quickly by following along with this guide. In this post, we will focus on using your new YouTube channel as the core of your online presence that will support your website.

You’ll create your channel, upload a video, promote your video, and start discussions with the YouTube community. Here’s how to get started right now!

Create your YouTube channel

  1. Create a YouTube channel using your Google+ username or by creating a new one. Make sure you check the “Allow comments” and “Allow subscribers” on the Info and Settings menu.
  2. If you have existing videos, upload them now. If you don’t have audio with the videos, choose one of YouTube’s free audio files to play along with it.
  3. Once uploaded and processed, write useful and interesting descriptions for each video and tag the related keywords, then publish.

Go beyond the video

  1. Write a blog post summarizing the video content and embed the video directly into the blog post so it can be played without having to leave your website.
  2. Create a Playlist (left side menu) with similar video content you think your audience will enjoy. This will generate more traffic to your channel through search and provide extra value for your fans.

Integrate with social media

  1. Share your YouTube videos on your social media channels by adding the YouTube application and pin your most recent video to the top of your profile page.
  2. Include a YouTube icon or widget on your website, blog, newsletters, etc. to let viewers know they can click to find you on YouTube.
  3. Share your recent videos in relevant forums online.
  4. Screenshot useful parts of your video to create extra content from it. Share on social media.

Start engaging your fans

  1. Once you’ve got videos uploaded and have promoted them online, you might start to see comments from viewers, ratings changes, or discussions starting about your videos on social media. This is a great sign! Jump in to respond instead of remaining an observer.
  2. Respond to positive and negative comments, but if your comments seem to be overwhelmingly negative, it might be time to consider the type of content you’re uploading and see if they might have a point.

Putting a solid YouTube marketing plan together isn’t difficult. Comment below how long it took you to get your channel up and running–we’d love to hear your YouTube success stories, too!

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