Which Video Marketing is Better: Facebook or YouTube?

Video MarketingFacebook and YouTube are very powerful sites you can use for video marketing. With just about the same amount of hits per day, both sites are huge and provide plenty of reasons to use them. Here’s what you should know about video marketing with YouTube and/or Facebook.

Facebook isn’t Perfect

Facebook is great for video marketing, but they are missing the organic content discovery feature, content distribution and content in general. Facebook doesn’t have the same reach as YouTube and hasn’t partnered with some of the larger video sites, such as Hulu and Android.

The biggest downfall of Facebook for videos is the search feature. You cannot search for a video and find it on Facebook. You have to go to a Fan Page and use the video tab or just find the video in a luck way.

Facebook Still has Something to Offer

YouTube and FacebookEven though Facebook may not have the features needed for video marketing, such as YouTube, the site still offers value. With Facebook, you gain massive engagement with readers and plenty of ability to share. The CTR is also quite large compared to YouTube. If you look at the many metrics, Facebook is built to give you better conversions, more views and the ability to go viral fast.

Using both YouTube and Facebook

Social SharingIt’s really hard to compare video marketing of Facebook and YouTube considering they are very different. However, when you use YouTube for your videos and you use Facebook to share those videos, you gain the power of both. This gives you the best combination and allows you to throw in other sites, such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and others to give you even more power.

YouTube is by far the largest and best video platform online today. However, it doesn’t give you everything you get when Facebook and other social sites are added to the mix. Use these sites together and you will get the most out of your video marketing.

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