An Easy Guide For Showing Your YouTube Channel Videos on Your WordPress Blog

YouTube is a very powerful tool used by many marketers, webmasters and bloggers every day. If you have a YouTube channel and you want to display your latest videos on your WordPress website, you can do to with a simple plugin. This can make it easier to get more views, likes and shares for your videos.

In this WordPress Tutorial, we will show you how to use a plugin to display your YouTube channel videos on your WordPress website.

Adding the YouTube Channel Gallery Plugin to Your WordPress Blog

When you download, install and activate the YouTube Channel Gallery plugin, you will be able to create a gallery of thumbnails for the videos on your YouTube channel. This plugin makes it easy to show all the latest videos from your channel.

Once the plugin is activates, you can you use it from the widgets section. Go to Appearance >> Widgets and find the widget called, “YouTube Channel Gallery” and drag it to the spot in your sidebar you want to display your YouTube videos.

YouTube Channel Gallery Widget

Now, you can customize your YouTube Channel Gallery with the many options offered.

YouTube Widget Options

You can add a custom title, change the user to display, how often you want the widget to cache and more from the “Feed” tab. The “Player” tab will allow you to adjust the color, size and display of the actual video player. With the “Thumbnails” tab, you will be able to choose how many vides to show, the number of columns and the width of the thumbnails.

Once you’ve made all your changes, make sure to click the “Save” button and preview your new YouTube Channel Gallery on your WordPress website. Here’s what it will look like on your site:

Video Preview

This plugin also supports short codes, so you can add the video gallery to any post or page you prefer. With the short code, you can even select different user IDs to display multiple users on your side or different playlists to display.

Now you know how to add a YouTube video gallery to your WordPress website. This is a great way to keep your channel and your website connected.

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