Which is Better for Content Marketing: Vimeo, YouTube or Vine?

Have you considered using sites like YouTube, Vine, or Vimeo for your content marketing? YouTube is probably the most popular site to view videos especially since it was popular before social media really came to the forefront. Vimeo focuses on a high-quality standard and Vine was created as an iOS application making it focused on mobile users.

Adding video to your content marketing strategy is important because you can get the words across to your readers better, create an emotional bond for your customers, and you’ll increase your chance of your content getting shared on social media. Here is a look at choosing between these three main video websites and apps when trying to make the right choice for your company.

Why YouTube?

YouTubeYouTube is a great choice for those who are comfortable with the platform. It has been around since 2005 and has over a billion users that use it and are familiar with the site. it’s commonly used for sharing music videos, having tutorial videos on how to do something like set-up your new electronic device, and has the latest trending videos as well. In fact, there are around hundreds of hours of video uploaded to it every second.

YouTube is a great choice if you like that it’s owned by Google making it higher ranked in search listings and if you prefer that has the biggest reputation being the most popular video sharing service. The average session is 40 minutes compared to the other sites that only give you a few minutes and it’s really easy to use. The downside is that it can be difficult to moderate and it’s really competitive.

Why Vine?

VineYou may choose to go with Vine, especially if you like that it’s more of an app-based video service. It’s not created to be a website and it’s heavily focused on the mobile user. Vine makes it easy to shoot your video, edit, and publish it one spot compared to having to shoot a video with a camera, edit with some software program, and upload it on another site.

It’s the newest platform only around since 2013 and it’s going to require you to keep it short at six seconds or less. Many celebs use it to show off new music and journalists may use it to show a natural disaster. The perks of Vine are that it’s really easy to share on blogs, websites, or social media and it’s really user-friendly with no skills required to use it. The time limit can be a challenge for some businesses while others find that the editing process is a bit limited in what can be done.

Why Vimeo?

VimeoIf you’re not sold on those two, perhaps Vimeo is the way to go for you. It tries to be different than YouTube especially since it came out before YouTube and has a different style. The focus on Vimeo is to have higher quality standards and this is appreciated by the smaller community behind it. There is no specific demographic like YouTube but tends to draw the 20-35 year old crowd.

It’s great for targeting a narrow audience and it offers more professional standards than the others.

On the other hand, you’ll need some skills to meet the quality it requires, even if that means bringing in a professional, and it has some strict guidelines for commercial businesses. it has to be a timeless video with no messages or comments to push sales of your product or service.

Consider the pros and cons behind these three platforms before deciding which one would make the most sense for your content marketing.

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