6 Absolutely Free Ways to Promote Your Business

Marketing is a challenge on its own, and marketing on a low or nonexistent budget is the ultimate challenge. As a business owner, you are naturally resourceful and entrepreneur-minded. Sticking with that theme, we’ve come up with 6 absolutely free ways to promote your business. You won’t spend a single penny on these promotion tactics, but you’ll land your content in front of your target audience and increase your brand recognition.

You can start with $0 and land yourself some new leads by promoting your business with these 6 tips.

6 Free Ways to Promote Your Business

1. Hang out in forums

Online forums are a great place to find people interested in your topic or niche. They go there to gather around a topic, and if you’re participating actively, you can build connections with members and promote your business.

But don’t be overly promotional in forums–it’s a sure way to get the members to turn on you and even have you banned from posting there again. Focus on answering questions and showcasing your best content instead.

2. Start blogging

If you’re not already blogging, you have to start right now. Really! There’s no better way to post and promote your new content and encourage engagement. Starting a blog can be free or very cheap, depending on who you host it through.

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Pay close attention to posts that don’t do well on your blog and compare them to posts that do. What’s different? Keep those criteria in mind as you create new posts.

3. Get on social media

All of your original content and images should be promoted across your social media channels. You need to post on social media daily or a few times a day, depending on the social network, to generate real referral traffic. Curate some great content each day (a mix of articles, videos, images, quotes, etc.) to mix in with original content.

Here’s a quick posting guide that our partner Conversational uses to manage social accounts:

Facebook – 1x per day

Twitter – 4x per day + influencer engagement

LinkedIn – 1x per day

Google+ – 1x per day

4. Write a press release

A well-timed press release can be the promotion jackpot for your business. But fight the urge to write a press release every week and wait until you’ve got something newsworthy to announce–otherwise, it won’t get your audience excited and the release will flop.

It’s always free to write and promote your own press release, but if you pay a company like PRWeb, they’ll handle it expertly for you.

5. Start making videos

Statistics show that videos attract the most engagement online and are prioritized in most social networks to reach more people than text- or image-based posts. Create some interesting, short videos to engage your audience and promote your business to new people for free. You’ll work on a new skill while you’re at it!

Even if you’ve never created a video before in your life, you can get started in about 5 minutes with this guide.

6. Build an email list

It’s completely free to create something of value for your audience, like a downloadable guide or tool, and offer it to them in exchange for a signup. Save the email addresses, import them to Mailchimp, and you’re ready to start sending a weekly, biweekly, or monthly newsletter that keeps your audience engaged and increases your chances of converting users. Mailchimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails a month.


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