How to Kickstart Your Creativity and Create Excellent Blog Topics

Blog TopicsSometimes you get into a creative rut and you just can’t get your brain working again. You need some tricks to trigger that creativity inside of you to create some great new blog topics. You feel like you’ve already written about everything in your industry and you just don’t have much of anything new to talk about.

The good news is that there are easy ways to kickstart that creativity in order to create some great new blog topics. From writing about your inspirations to creating some evergreen content, here is a look at some ways to create some excellent blog topics during a creative rut.

Check your annual calendar

An easy place to start is to work with your annual calendar to get your mind working. If it’s the holiday season, you’ll be reminded that this is the perfect time to write about the holidays and how they affect your industry. If you are near to a less popular holiday like Valentine’s Day, take it as an opportunity to write about it anyway.

You’ll even capture your audience when you talk about the daily holidays like “national popcorn day” or other observances around the world. It’s a great way to get your brain thinking about something, keeping your audience engaged, and allowing it to lead to the next thing.

Know your audience

AudienceAlong with simply asking your audience if there are topics they want to hear more about, you should know your audience to know what they would want to hear about. If you don’t feel you know your audience well, it’s time to get to know them by creating an audience persona. All of your content should be fine-tuned to what your audience wants to hear about.

Think about your customer’s average day and figure out what they may be searching for, what problems could be solved, what fun things they like to do, and what inspires them. This should help you come up with things to talk about that your audience will appreciate.

Work on evergreen content

Your evergreen content is the content that is meant to be timeless and last a long time. It shouldn’t lose relevance next year or in five years; it should be something that isn’t going to change. For example, your evergreen content may be related to a product description or video about the product that wouldn’t change in the future.

It could be resources from your industry offered to your clients to help them to be more successful. It could also be your own FAQ page in which the customers are asking the same questions regularly and the answers aren’t going to change. This type of content is good to work on during a rut because it keeps your brand relevant and gives you something to work on during those brief times when you don’t have any new topic ideas.

Work on your About Us page

Speaking of your evergreen content, your About Us page could probably use a facelift. This is a great time to take care of this task, and have some fun with it too. Do people know about your staff’s favorite quotes, funny things they do on a daily basis, successes in the business, or milestones? This is a great time to talk about you and your staff on a more personal level, and share about fun vacations you’ve taken, pets you go home too, and your brand’s charitable efforts.

Write about your inspirations

InspirationSometimes during creative ruts, it’s the perfect time to let your audience get to know you better, as far as your inspirations and what got you interested in the industry. Do you have a movie, song, or book that inspires you and you’re reminded of your brand when you encounter it? Talk about TED talks that you love or public speakers you’ve encountered. Talk about your family, friends, church, or volunteer activities. Anything that inspires your business or got you started will be interesting to your audience.

When you need to kickstart your creativity and come up with some new blog topics, use these tricks to get things going again. In the future, carry a notebook with you so that if a topic pops in your mind, you can write it down for later.

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