How to Ensure Your Website is Timeless

Timeless WebsiteWhen you design your website, you are probably considering more of the here and now rather than the long-term plan behind your design and function. It may be wise to think of your website in more of a long-term way and design it to have a timeless appeal. This is a great attitude to have about your brand and your work, because the goal is to serve people with your products and services for years to come.

Make sure your website shows that you aren’t going anywhere and that you want to help others for generations to come. Having a website that is timeless starts with a great first impression, avoiding looking outdated, avoiding being too trendy, and having a clean, easy-to-use platform. Take a look at these tips for making your website look and feel timeless to visitors.

Start with a great home page

Having a timeless website starts with a strong home page that will grab reader’s attention. Treat this landing page as the go-to for your website visitors, with the right images, an appealing design, a clear message, and having your mission obviously stated.

Your homepage should be tailored to the visitor and visitors should find that it’s easy to get to know you. Strong images, well-written text, and clean navigation are crucial on this page. Make sure there are obvious buttons for your call-to-action activities, including your e-commerce page, your newsletter sign-up, or your social media accounts.

Make sure the design is timeless

Not only should your home page have a timeless design, but the entire website needs to feel this way too. Have standard design features that will make it simpler to navigate for visitors, reminding them of many other website’s functionality. While it doesn’t have to blend in with other websites and you can still stand out, it does need to have a familiar, easy-to-navigate approach that will have anyone’s level of web browsing expertise noticing the smooth functionality.

Include a contact button that potential clients can easily find in order to reach you, and offer a search feature in which clients can search your library for the specific post or topic they want to read. Having a simple way to browse your plethora of content is beneficial, but for those that don’t offer much content, you can choose whether or not to include a search tool. Be sure to include a signup box for helping people to easily subscribe to your email newsletter.

Make the website responsive

Responsive DesignIt’s also a smart idea to make your website responsive through choosing a design that works well with mobile devices. Most of your customers are going to look up your website through their phone or tablet, which means that having a responsive design that will easily convert your website’s design into a mobile-friendly one is all the more important.

Google is also basing their search engine rankings on websites that have responsive abilities since over half of people perusing the internet are doing so on a mobile device. Being mobile-friendly not only makes sense, but allows you to eventually offer an app to your clients too.

Use social media as an aid

Social MediaMake sure you are using social media to your advantage. Including your social media icons to your page is really important if you care about keeping your audience engaged. They want to catch up with you on their Twitter Feed, see what you’re up to through your Instagram photos, read your latest content on Facebook, and share cool posts on Pinterest. Make sure you are sharing where people can find you on these platforms so that your new customers can keep up with you and tell their friends about you.

Think of the long-term brand

Lastly, be sure to remember that your website’s timeless design is for the long-term building of your brand. Choose everything that matters in the long-term now, such as the fonts and colors you want to display, to the tone of voice you want your brand to have. Add images that help explain the information while also catching the eyes of your visitors.

You can build a website that looks and feels timeless by following these few guidelines for a classic website.

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