7 Tips Entrepreneurs Need for a Better Web Presence

Web PresenceWhen you launch a website, it can be rather stressful. Even worse, finding traffic can also make it a hard road ahead. After getting your website going, you need to be able to build a web presence. This can be done with the following seven tips.

High Quality Content

There is nothing better to help you build a web presence than high quality content. Content gives you many benefits from engaging your audience to the ability to share it on social media. In addition, it provides the foundation for all of the other great ways you can create a web presence.

The content has to be all about your readers, however. If you write it properly, the keywords will be covered without even trying.

The best way to add regular, high quality content is through a blog. This also allows you to target smaller niche themes and long tail keywords instead of making everything about your one major theme.

Use a Newsletter

A newsletter helps you to stay engaged with your audience. You can set up your newsletter to allow people to sign up right from your website and receive messages every week, month or whatever frequency you prefer.

Once you create your sign up, you just need to help guide people to sign up for your newsletter. Then, you can engage them through email, which will keep them coming back for more. Usually, you can get sign ups by giving away a free eBook or a series of tips.

Share Everything Socially

Online PresenceGetting the most out of your content and creating a real web presence requires social media sharing. Whether you use just Facebook or you use every social site known to man, you want to share everything. New product pictures, blog posts, funny comments and anything else of importance.

If you engage people on social media, they will come to your website and blog more often. Just make sure it’s genuine as most people will see through the fake stuff.

Use Search Engine Optimization

Creating a web presence requires you to put your content where it will be seen. Google and Bing account for a ton of daily traffic online, so SEO is a great way to make sure you get seen. There are several great ways to make your SEO better and it all starts with our first tip: high quality content.

There are many things that go into SEO, but if you start with great content the rest will be easier. Sharing on social media will also help and you can also get other blogs/websites to share you content to build a better profile.

Engage in Discussion

Build Your Online PresenceWhen people comment on your blog posts or on social media, you need to engage with them. Respond, answer their questions and thank them for commenting. This is a great way to build a web presence as it makes you look like a real person that actually cares.

Use Video

Video is another very powerful way to build your web presence. You can provide videos with blog posts and engage an entirely different audience preferring to sit back and watch to reading a blog post.

Participate in a Forum

An industry forum will usually allow you to create a signature leading people back to your website. As you comment on posts and make posts of your own, you’ll gain a reputation, which can help with web traffic and your web presence. Make sure you provide good answers and aim to help people.

There are several great ways to start building a better web presence. It all starts with a website and high quality content. From there, you just need to be a real person and engage your audience through the many available channels.

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