Which Video Tools Will Help you Build a Successful Blog Business?

Video StreamingIf you’re trying to build a successful blogging business, video tools can be your best friend. Sometimes you need a new method from the typical blog marketing, SEO, and Facebook to something more effective. Build your brand and traffic faster and easier by streaming video using broadcast apps like Blab and Periscope.

These apps allow you to either live-stream or to record live scope only for 24 hours, depending which route you go. These apps can help you build your brand if you use them effectively. Take a look at how many are using video tools to build their blog business more successfully.

How live streaming can be effective

If you decide to go with live streaming with apps like Periscope, you’ll get to create video content that are educational and fun to connect with your community. Use Blab as a live-streaming option if you want to treat it as more of a talk show, cooking class, or other informational segment.

You’ll be able to easily interview people and cohost on Blab through a live stream, plus, the videos can be stored indefinitely. If you want to embed the video on your blog before it goes live, your readers will get to watch from your blog and interact.

If you use this platform often, how do you keep the content fresh?

It may seem like there’s only so much to talk about and there’s no easy way to keep coming up with new topics. When you have frequent broadcasts, you can start asking your viewers what they want to hear about or have questions about. It’s an easy way to build up topic ideas because your viewers are specifically asking for things.

They will be excited to hear your response and won’t feel stuck with whatever topic you decided to cover that week; they will be getting an answer to something they requested. It’s a great way to come up with more and more topics, discuss something that you haven’t gone into detail in the past, or to refresh on an old subject with new details. You can also discuss news stories in the industry.

Can this really help my brand?

Video Tools for BloggingVideo tools are a great way to help your brand and your blog because your email lists will increase, your social media followers will increase, and you’ll end up getting interview requests and sponsored content. You may even hear from PR companies and other brands that want to work with you.

When making your videos, make it feel personalized to your viewers by talking to one another like you’re at a coffee shop so that people can see how you are like when they are reading your blog. When they can see how it’s easy to make things from scratch, they may be more motivated to start their own journey.

How to promote and what to watch for?

You can promote your broadcasts with relevant hashtags that people will Tweet about. Announce your broadcasts topics on your Facebook or Twitter accounts to get people excited. Be sure to link to your blog posts during every video.

Then, add affiliate links while you make your videos so that you can try to monetize through affiliate marketing. Mention Facebook groups, blogs, and personal social media in order to attract followers. Be sure to embed videos into any post because one blog post could give someone a recipe ideas, links to buy the products, and a video to see how to make it all in one post.

Video MarketingBeware that will take a large time commitment and that changes are always going to happen. Your videos make take a half hour, but you’ll always do this multiple times per week in addition to promoting yourself and writing a blog about it.

Features are always changing on Blab so it’s important to stay in the loop. The good news is that it will yield huge results. Remember to always thank your viewers, offer recaps throughout the video to help those that aren’t following well, pay attention to your audience and ask them questions during your videos, and share your broadcasts to social media.

Follow these tips and watch how your video tools make your blog business even more successful.

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