5 Types of Posts Every Business Blog Needs

Blogging for personal reasons means you can write about just about any topic under the sun, but if you’re writing blog posts for a business blog, you don’t have that kind of freedom. Business blogs have a defined purpose and that is to encourage visitors to convert and make a purchase from the business operating the blog.

But different types of content make different groups of buyers convert. Every business blog needs to feature content that will appeal to visitors in each of the 5 stages of the buying process in order to have the best chance at turning visitors into customers.

5 Types of Blog Posts Every Business Blog Needs

1. The basics: Who, what, why, how

When a customer is aware they have a problem that could be answered by a product, they look for content that answers awareness questions, like who, what, when, where, and how. Write blog posts that answer these questions about your product or service to capture buyers in Stage 1.

2. Compare and contrast, pros and cons

When a customer is aware of their problem and some of the solutions available, they look for content that helps them easily compare and contrast products or services as well as look at possible pros and cons. Write blog posts that compare your products to others, list pros and cons of your services, or pit two similar products against each other to determine a winner.

3. Detailed benefits and uses

When a customer has compared and contrasted the options available to them, they start to look for details about the benefits and uses of the solutions they’ve discovered so far. Write blog posts that make it clear what benefits users can expect from your product and highlight some unexpected uses for it. Post customer testimonials.

4. FAQs and product usage tips

When a customer knows the benefits and uses of the solutions available to them, they are ready to make a purchase. First, they may want to read up on the frequently asked questions about your product or any usage tips you may have. Include these on your blog to appeal to Stage 4 buyers.

5. Troubleshooting and maintenance tips

Finally, include troubleshooting scenarios and maintenance tips to appeal to buyers in Stage 5 – those who have made a purchase already and may need additional, follow-up information or potentially may purchase from you again.

Include each of these 5 types of blog posts on your business blog to ensure buyers in every stage of the buying process can find the information they’re looking for when they come to your website.

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