How can you Turn Website Users into Paying Customers?

Website TrafficSometimes, you have a great website with plenty of visitors, but not as many paying customers as you would like. Traffic is great for your website, but if it’s not converting into sales, it can become very frustrating. Here are a few tips to help convert more website users into paying customers.

Make your Homepage Targeted

If visitors are landing on your homepage only to find it has all kinds of company information and very little product or service information, it may be the cause of your low conversion rate. You want to make your homepage targeted to the item or service you are selling. The more targeted it is, the better chance visitors will convert to sales faster and easier.

The formula isn’t the same for every company. However, your homepage should load super-fast, include a professional look, be mobile-friendly, include a call to action (above the fold, if possible) and should explain your business/service/product in less than three seconds. If your homepage does this, you will see more conversions.

Testimonials and Reviews Sell

If you have positive reviews and testimonials you can include on your homepage, you should. You may even have a separate page dedicated to reviews where you can show off even more than just what you put on your website.

The best reviews and testimonials you can display will include details about your service and/or products. They won’t just say that your company does a great job.

Lead and Tell Visitors Where to Go

More ConversionsVisitors to your website need to be told where to go and what to do. This is done with strong call-to-action phrases, such as “click here,” “go here,” or “visit this site now.” Anytime you can tell them what you want them to do, you should. This will help you convert more people to sales and get more people to the pages you really want them to visit.

Follow Up Constantly

Follow UpIf your website is designed to generate leads, you may not see as many conversions if you don’t follow up well. You need to follow up as quickly as possible and do so with the preferred contact method. If somebody prefers email over a phone call, don’t call them. Instead, email them exactly what they asked for and you will have a better chance of closing the sale.

These are just a few tips you can use to increase conversions on your website. If you use these tips you will have a better chance of converting website users into paying customers more often.

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