A Quick Guide to Starting with Video Marketing for a Blog

Video Marketingreport done by HubSpot, those visiting your website are more attracted to visual content than ever before. Marketing must cater to this by providing excellent images and videos.

Video marketing has quickly become an essential part of any blog. While writing may be easier than making a video, using a video provide body language, tone of voice, credibility, imagery and more. When the right elements of a video are combined, it becomes very powerful.

How to Get Started with Videos

The hardest part of any new endeavor is getting started. If you’re an introvert, this may be even more difficult with videos. Many people shy away from the camera, but can learn how to warm up to the camera in just a short time. The key to making videos is to just get started.

Just like blogging, unless you’re naturally a great writer, you probably weren’t that great in the beginning. If you went back and read your first few posts, and then skipped ahead to post 100, 200, 500 and so on, you’d probably see how you have improved as a blogger over time. The same will happen when you start with video marketing.

You want to start just by breaking the ice between you and creating videos. This is done by putting out your first video, regardless of the quality. All you are really trying to do in your first video is conquer your fears, get the basics down and get something recorded.

Video Creation Checklist

Marketing with VideoThere are certain things you will need to do to become proficient at creating videos. It does take some practice, unless you’re a natural, and the more time you spend in front of the camera, the easier it will get.

You Need a Camera

In today’s world, getting a camera capable of recording videos isn’t hard. In fact, you probably have one on your phone, your computer and any regular camera you own. Choose the camera you own with the capabilities of taking the best video for your blog videos.

Practice Before Recording

Not many people can hop in front of the camera and start recording videos. However, with the right amount of practice, you can get very good at it and you won’t have to worry about feeling as uncomfortable. Before you start recording, practice what you will say and do in front of the camera.

Start with a Practice Video

Instead of just jumping right in front of the camera and doing a video for your blog, do one for a friend or a hobby to start. This will help you become comfortable and you can look back at it to find places to improve. The more you practice, the more confidence you will gain and before you know it, you’ll be comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Edit Before Publishing

Video AdvertisingOnce you’re ready to create a video for your blog, you want to edit the video before you publish it. YouTube provides a built-in editor to make it easy to edit your videos. However, an offline editor, such as OpenShot is a great choice to edit things such as slides, text, lighting and more.

Upload and Use Your Video

It’s always a good idea to upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or another video hosting site first. Then, you can simply use the link to publish it on your blog. This will keep you from using up hosting space and slowing down your website.

Video marketing isn’t an option anymore. If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to build your blog through great written content, images and videos. Use this guide to help you get started with your first video today!

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