Are There Any Video Streaming Options Other Than YouTube?

Video StreamingYou’ve probably been using YouTube for years to catch up on the latest viral videos, watch a new music video by your favorite artist, or share a home video with your family members. YouTube is a great option for streaming videos from friends, celebrities, or the news, but have you ever wondered if that is the only option?

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s the 3rd most popular website online from all time making it the obvious choice for those that have video watching needs. It hasn’t seen many complaints or controversy causing it to maintain its popularity too. Still, people are asking where else they can go for video streaming besides YouTube. Whether you’re sick of YouTube or just want more options to choose from, here are a few of the top contenders in the video streaming site market.


VimeoYou may have seen Vimeo in action at one time or another. It has become known for the site that the artistic community wants to be associated with. You’ll notice more established musicians choosing it to introduce their music or amateur producers of content bringing their work to life. Musicians like Beck and Bjork are using the platform as well as indie filmmakers. Video games are now allowed on the site anymore due to bandwidth issues.

MySpace Music

You probably remember the times when MySpace was the only social media site before Facebook. Today, it’s become something totally new that you’ll want to check out. It’s now a site offering an excellent video hub for your favorite music. They’ve even partnered with Hulu, so things are looking up for this previous social media platform.


DailyMotionHave you seen Dailymotion, the video streamers ranking the #2 spot from YouTube? They have 70 million unique monthly visitors and actually don’t appear much different from YouTube. Find channels, suggestions, and tagging on this site that offers a huge library of video. One difference is that you can login through Facebook and automatically share with your friends. Check out their “MotionMaker” if you want to post original content.

Other popular options for video streaming includes Metacafe which offers high-quality, professional videos, ScienceStage which features a place for communication between those working in the sciences including scholars, teachers, engineers, or researchers, and SchoolTube for parents that want a place for their children to share videos in a safe environment.

Check out some of the video sharing sites outside of YouTube and you may find some features or specialties that you prefer over the most popular video streaming option.

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