What Elements Must a Blog Post Have to be Considered Great?

Blog PostWhen you’re writing a blog and hoping to make it something really special, you have to consider what elements are involved to blogs you find successful or great. It can be easy to look at someone successful and doing something that you want to do in order to observe what they must be doing right. With the vast amount of blogs out there, it’s a great time to reevaluate what makes a blog great in order to implement those techniques into your work.

In fact, just last year it was estimated that there are about 43 million blog posts published on WordPress alone. Making your blog stand out from the crowd is a challenge but it can be done with a few key techniques. Make yours stand out and be considered great by implementing a few key ingredients.

The grand opening

For starters, it’s important that your blog start off with a bang. From the catchy headline with an eye-catching title to the intriguing opening paragraph, make sure you start it off hot. Before anyone reads your content, they will look at the headline and successful bloggers have mastered the art of making it intriguing for readers to stick around for more.

You may want to keep a headline template handy for reference on all of your blog posts. Then, keep in mind that your readers will only stick around for 2-3 sentences while deciding if they want to continue reading. Make sure that you really make it count for those first 2-3 sentences.

Images and segments

Great Blog PostThe next thing that your readers are going to look for is how well you made the blog look in appearance. Did you use engaging images to excite readers into learning more? Articles with images will attract more views and back link, while simultaneously giving the reader a better understanding of the piece.

Did you use proper post segmentation? This means that you have to incorporate bullet points when relevant, sub-headlines when possible, quotes, tables, or images to help people have an easier time scanning through. They will better understand your content with an image or a chart, quotes or bullet points. Remember that your readers are likely to scan your blog and the more you can make it scannable and segmented, the more likely they will stick around to read more and come back for future posts.

Did you make it shareable?

Shareable PostsAnother key ingredient is that you made your blog post shareable and asked for a call-to-action from your reader. If your reader likes what they read, they will want to let you know with a “like” or sharing it on social media. Make it easy by including social media buttons like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter and your readers will be more likely to share your work with more potential readers.

Did you include a call-to-action? It’s important that you direct your readers to share your blog with their friends, to give you a “like” if they enjoyed what they read, or to leave feedback. Some readers will want to leave you a comment while others may just want to give you a “like.”

Once you’ve covered all of these elements that make a blog great, make sure you’ve made your blog really come off as your own voice. It’s what will make your blog unique and offer personality. No one can copy you and your uniqueness, so make sure that stands out in your work. Don’t shy away from a controversial topic either; controversial posts get the most attention on social media.

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