15 Web Design and UX Influencers to Follow

In the website design industry? Even if you’re just a business owner interested in improving your website user experience, you should check out the following influencers for great tips, ideas, and connection opportunities.

What are influencers and why do they matter? Influencers are already connected to the audience you’re trying to reach. In addition to being connected to your target audience, they also have a special influence over that audience’s decisions because of their level of trustworthiness and expertise in the industry.

Connect with these influencers and reach out for a recommendation that could show your business to a whole new audience.

15 Web Design and UX Influencers to Follow

1. Chris Coyier – CSS Tricks – css-tricks.com  & chriscoyier.net

Find Chris on Twitter, CSS-Tricks website, or his personal website and say hello!

2. Sean McCabe – SeanWes seanwes.com/business-blogseanwes.com/podcast/

Sean’s blog and podcast are both great options for anyone looking for web design and UX tips.

3. Mike Monteiro – Mule Design muledesign.com/blog

Mike’s Mule Design website is wonderfully designed, but the blog is the real draw. Informative and regularly updated, it’s a mecca for web designers.

4. Chris Spooner – Spoon Graphics – Spoon.Graphics

Chris is the CEO and founder of Spoon Graphics. He has a lot of insight to share.

5. Steven Snell – Vandelay Design – vandelaydesign.com/blog

Steven is the owner of Vandelay Design (Seinfeld reference?) and is definitely worth checking out.

6. Ronald Bien – Naldz Graphics  – naldzgraphics.net

Naldz Graphics is a great destination for graphic design and web design tips and information.

7. Vitaly Friedman – Smashing Magazine – smashingmagazine.com

Vitaly delivers user experience tips that are simply Smashing.

8. Wil Reynolds – wilreynolds.com & seerinteractive.com/blog 

Wil Reynolds has a personal website as well as Seer Interactive, check the blog for useful insights.

9. Joe Pulizzicontentmarketinginstitute.com/author/joepulizzi/

Joe Pulizzi is a contributor at the Content Marketing Institute. He has wonderful advice for graphic design and web design. Check out his blog for information about user experience and web design.

10. Mark Ford – Red Web Design  – blog.red-website-design.co.uk 

Mark of Red Web Design has useful user experience and web design tips to share on his website. He’s located in the UK, so a heads-up for anyone looking for local influencers.

11. Syed Balkhi  – wpbeginner.com  & syedbalkhi.com

Syed Balkhi is an expert on building WordPress websites from the ground up. He’s got tons of followers and a great audience, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Syed Balkhi!

12.  Oli Gardner – unbounce.com/blog

Oli updates the blog at Unbounce.com with little-known UX and design tips you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

13. Eric W Mobleyericmobley.net/blog/

14. Nicolas Felton – feltron.tumblr.comskillshare.com/classes/design/Data-Visualization-Designing-Maps-with-Processing-and-Illustrator

15. Jeff Bullasjeffbullas.com

A special thanks to Tim B Design for the great web design and UX influencers to follow suggestions!

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