What are the Most Important Elements of Readable Content?

Content is KingCreating and providing the best possible content for your website is vital to your success. You have to provide readable content your visitors can actually use and enjoy. Here are some of the most important elements you should include in any content used on your website or blog.

Provide Proper Line Spacing

It’s not exactly a part of the content, but line spacing is still very important. If you don’t break up your text into smaller sections, it becomes much harder to read. You want enough white space to make the content look much easier to read.

Keep your Lines of Text Short

You don’t want to create content that fatigues your reader. When they have to read a long line of text from the left to the right, it can make their eyes tire and ruin their focus. Make sure the design of your blog and website keeps the lines at a reasonable length for the reader.

Avoid Colored Text on Dark Backgrounds

Content StrategyReading is easiest with black text on a white background. When you flip this around and use a colored text on a dark background, it becomes hard to read. Even though it may look cool, it’s not natural for our eyes and will be hard on your reader.

Use Short Subheadings

Subheadings are a great way to make sure your content is readable. It makes it very easy to split up text and it also makes your content skimmable for the reader. Skimmable content provides a higher quality choice for readers because they can find the section they are most interested in fast.

Use Text Wrap Sparingly

Content Text WrapWhen you wrap text around a picture, it may look great, but it can slow down the reader. Sometimes, the text around the picture gets missed and it makes the entire page or post harder to read. Make sure you use text wrapping only when absolutely necessary.

There are many things to consider when creating high-quality, readable content for your visitors. Make sure you understand the elements of readable content so that you can provide a better experience for those visiting your website.

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