Can you Come up with a new Blog Idea Each Day this Year?

New Blog IdeasThe New Year has arrived and it’s time to start taking your blog more seriously. You already know it’s the best way to attract customers and retain your current ones, but it doesn’t make it any easier to know what to write about. Some days you have the best blog topic to cover and other days, you feel a total creative block.

The best way to tackle this problem is to make a plan for a new blog idea each day this year so that when you are ready to start writing, you have a list of topics to go off of. Since you don’t have to update the blog every day, simply coming up with new blog posts daily for a list to work off of will be perfect.

You already have a great blog with beautiful photos, you’re active on social media, and you have a few followers, so now all you need to do is make the effort to keep up the momentum. Here is a look at how to stock up your blog to drive traffic this year.

How often should I blog?

For starters, it’s a good idea to understand how often your blog should be updated to not be overbearing while still keeping your readers interested. Big blogs like “Zen Habits” update their blog just twice per week while others would argue a more frequent update is necessary. Updating regularly without being overbearing is the balance you’ll have to strike. Having a list of blog ideas updated daily is where you should start.

How to come up with a new blog idea daily

Blog IdeasIf you have found yourself in a creative bind when it comes to thinking of new blog ideas, it’s time to start making it a daily habit. You’ll need to start sourcing blog ideas from outside sources and a great place to start is by polling your readers.

Asking your readers what they want to hear about is the perfect way to show you care about their opinions and when you address the topics they’ve requested, they’ll be even more excited to visit and follow-up with your response. Simply send out a poll to your site visitors using options like Easy Polls, Survey Monkey, or WP Polls to conduct your survey.

You could also keep an eye on your comments section to see what people are talking about, asking about, or seem to be uninformed about. It can be a great basis for what you need to cover and inform your audience about. Are there trending topics on Google, Twitter, or the news right now? Those are great places to talk about current events that relate to your industry and eventually, you may find readers go to you first for news and trends.

Writing prompts

Blog IdeaAnother great way to think of a blog idea every day this year is to use writing prompts or title prompts. Title prompts may get your thinking cap on by starting with phrases to spur ideas. Common title prompts include “How To ___,” Top 10___,” and “Review of ____.” Writing prompts give you an idea to build off of and can be found at sites like Daily Post or No 2 Pen.

Lastly, be sure to keep up with topics in your niche, keep a journal on you at all times in case an idea pops up, and check out blogging events to help you stay focused on meeting your goal. On the other hand, focusing on a different passion in your life may give your brain time to relax and refresh with ideas when you least expect it.

Use these tips to come up with a new blog idea for each day in 2016.

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