An Easy Guide to Creating a FAQ Page

FAQAn FAQ page is a great way to help your customers get answers to questions you get all of the time. It helps them to quickly get an answer to a question without having to specifically contact someone and wait for a response. Every website could benefit from a Frequently Asked Questions page because of the convenience to customers and the fact that it ranks websites higher on search engines.

It’s not always easy to setup, especially for new businesses that aren’t flooded with common questions, but it’s an effective addition to any company website. Here is an easy guide to creating your website’s FAQ page that your customers will thank you for later!

How to begin

FAQ PageA great place to start is to start with some general questions that anyone may have about your industry. If you sell a special type of jewelry, your first place to start might be to discuss what makes your jewelry unique and why people want yours over someone else’s.

Is it made from natural sources? Is it made with rare gems? Are you the go-to business for engagement and wedding bands? Do you offer something that no one else does? Start with questions on your FAQ page like “Why do I need this jewelry?” “What makes this jewelry unique?” “What types of pieces can I get?”

Then focus it on your company specific

Creating a FAQ PageFrom there, you may want to go deeper into what your company does for your customers. Add questions such as “When will my order ship?” and “When will an item be back in stock?” You could discuss questions of payment such as “What methods of payment are accepted?” and “How do I send a product as a gift?”

Just be sure that your questions go in a logical order and are easy to follow along as a consumer. Complicated questions may need to stay brief but have a link to a longer explanation underneath the short answer.

Just remember that your FAQ page may grow as you develop as a company. When new questions start coming in over time, you can start adding to the page until before you know it, you have a lengthy and helpful FAQ page for your customers.

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