Will a Roundup Page Help New Visitors to Your Blog?

Blog Roundup PageA roundup page is a page in which the focus is to repurpose old content and draw the reader to a topic more closely. It’s actually nicknamed a “sneeze” page because it’s regurgitating the same content in a way that highlights the month’s content to the readers. Many companies will do this monthly in case their readers missed an article or a new reader is just joining in on the fun.

It’s a great way to share old posts that you find meaningful to readers and you can even create a theme with your roundup page such as the “best low-cal desserts” or the “most memorable concerts of the summer.” Whatever your reasons to recap old posts, the benefits are great for those that build a roundup page regularly for new visitors. Here is a look at why it’s successful.

What does a roundup page do?

Your roundup page is a page that helps your readers see specific old posts at one glance. All you have to do is pull blog posts from your archives and bring them back to the forefront again. This is great for search engines due to internet linking and it actually tends to keep people on your site longer because they want to read more about the theme you’ve created on your roundup page which is easy to do when it’s all in one location. When you want to push your readers deeper in your site and highlight your best work, the roundup page is the perfect way to do it and get your readers to come back for more.

How can I go about creating my roundup page?

BlogOne example of a roundup page is to make a numbered list to share your posts related to one topic. Create your “sneeze” page based on a topic such as the “Top 10 Reasons to…” and incorporate old blog posts that have to do with getting organized, getting in shape or something related to your niche.

If your business is an organizing company, you could write about the “Top 10 Reasons to Make your News Years’ Resolution to Get More Organized” and then feature posts about organizing different areas of your life. From there, you could advertise your services or organizational products to monetize the blog while getting people in the organizational spirit.

Roundup of your best tips

On this note, you could offer your best tips on your roundup page. It allows our readers to see the highlights of what was covered that month. If your blog is geared towards helping people get healthier, recap your best content from the month about healthy eating tips, work out ideas and how to find the fun in getting healthy.

Do your blogger friends have great things to say on their blogs? Take a look at what your blogger friends are posting about and share their content with the world. It’s a great way to brag about your friend, increase your site traffic and give your page some fresh content that is still in a roundup format.

Organizing your roundup page

Blog VisitorsOne way to organize the roundup page is to box the content with an image next to the content. Make it easy for your reader’s eye to navigate. At the top, create a title with an introductory summary of the topic being rounded up. Then underneath you could post your first topic with a short description of why you’re sharing I tin the roundup and how it ties into the topic. Underneath that would be the next topic you are including in the roundup with a description of why, and so on and so forth.

Add in your old blog posts to your theme page. Then, end it with a great conclusion to urge your readers to sign up for more posts like this. Make sure your list of posts encourage readers to read up more on the topic.

If you’ve never created a “sneeze” page or roundup page, it’s a great time to try it out. Do it once a week, once a month or once every three months depending on your amount of content and if you have enough similar posts to build a themed roundup page. If you ever get stuck, send a survey to your readers to learn what topics they want to learn more about.

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  1. homepageusa

    Yeah , it will help new customers and attract them too.

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