Four Major Problems and the Solutions for a Better Blog this Year

Blogging ProblemsWhen you’re struggling with your blog, you may think continuing to run it is becoming a waste of time. The good news is that most bloggers share the same problems and yours is probably very common. One common frustration that bloggers struggle with is growing their social media followers or struggling to get people to find their blog online.

Sometimes it can be just a simple design problem and the blog is ready for a facelift. When you feel you’ve reached a dead end with your blog and you just need a solution to make it great again, look at these four major problems with solutions to see if you’re struggling with the same common problem as many other bloggers and try these solutions to give your blog the kick start it needs for the New Year.

Setting this year’s goals

Blog SolutionsThe best way to gage where you stand with your blog is to look at your average monthly viewership. A new blog is probably going to have less than 20 viewers while a blog in good shape will have at least 1,000 monthly views. When you hit the 3,000-5,000 mark, you’ll find opportunities with advertisers and sponsored posts.

It’s time to start setting this year’s goals for what you can realistic do. If you’re in the “new blog” stage, shoot for your first 1000 page views and make a plan to start using tools for measuring your statistics. Google Analytics or Open Site Explorer are great places to check for your rankings while HootSuite or SumAll are the places to go for insight on your social media stats.

A design issue

If you just hate your blog’s design, it might be time to improve on the appearance and functionality. Your visitors may not connect with your blog because of the design so having someone in your target audience review your site for concerns is a great place to start. If you know someone with graphic skills or have visitors you could survey for their feedback, you may find out what changes need to happen easiest this way.

It may be as simple as reorganizing your menus, planning a calendar for when you will send certain things out to your audience, and finding a way to pin news stories in an eye-catching, easy-to-find spot. Add text widgets and choose a great theme for a low price from WordPress that relates to your business.

Social media is stagnant

Social MediaIf you are struggling to get off the ground with social media, it may be time to engage with your audience. Consider hosting a giveaway that features a gift related to your industry and you may see an increase in shares, likes, and traffic. Spend more time in studying posts by analyzing the conversation to build relationships. Treat the platform as relationships more so than pushing your product or service.

How do I know if people can find me?

You’ll want to take a look at your visibility to know for sure if people can find you online. You can improve visibility by finding yourself through preferred keywords on Google. Check if you have public interaction set up on Facebook and Google+. Try to go viral by writing about a controversial topic. Then, consider in-person networking by signing up for groups in your area where your target audience would be.

Once you’ve started tracking through Google Analytics, engaged on social media, checked your visibility, and worked on an enhanced design. Follow these solutions and your blog should be rocking in the New Year.

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