Building a Tech Startup? These 10 Tips Are For You

Building a tech startup is a complicated process. You have to move quickly, and if you’re planning to disrupt an existing sector of the industry, it’s essential that you have strong, relevant relationships and connections. There’s a lot of advice startup owners have to share about building a tech startup, but it’s difficult to get all the good information in one place.

That’s why we compiled the best 10 tips we’ve seen about building a tech startup. Read on and learn something that could make a difference in your startup!

10 Tips for Building a Tech Startup

  1. Do you have something people want? You need to be sure. Developing a product that you love but others don’t respond to only wastes your time and money.
  2. Develop strong relationships with the right people. If you’re planning to enter a competitive industry, it really helps to have some connections in the industry. Introduce yourself to industry experts, your competitors, relevant political leaders, etc.
  3. Do one thing really well. Don’t try to spread yourself too thin (and that’s really easy to do). If you focus on one thing and do it really well, you’ll become known for it. If you do 10 things but they’re mediocre, you’ll become known for that, too.
  4. Fall out of love with your product. Love is blind, and for the business owner, it’s particularly dangerous. Don’t fall in love with your product or service–fall in love with the issue your product was built to solve. Customer wants and markets change, but if you focus on what your product is built to do, you can always pivot to stay successful.
  5. Stay online until you absolutely need a physical location. It’s cheaper, less hassle, and way more comfortable to do your work from home in the beginning. Some startups never feel the need to move into a physical location. Stay home as long as you can to save money and focus on your priorities.
  6. Keep learning about your industry. You’ll never know it all, but if you commit to learning continually, you’ll never be far behind. Stay immersed in industry news.
  7. Hire the right people. Your startup team will make or break your business. Don’t hire the wrong people preemptively–start with outsourcing and slowly hire the right full time folks over time.
  8. Grow slowly at first. You don’t want to start building unmanageable growth that eventually topples your startup. Grow slowly to ensure you never bite off more than you can chew.
  9. Get a mentor you respect. It’s important that you have someone who has already found success doing what you want to do. You can go to this person for advice, reality checks, and accountability.
  10. Develop a uncommonly good pitch for investors. Your startup is going to need cash at some point. Sub-par pitches don’t land funding. Work on a great pitch to increase your chances of hooking up with the right investor.


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