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Finding the best tech podcasts and listening to them will help you understand the industry better. There’s a ton of knowledge out there and the right podcasts will help you discover the golden nuggets found within the industry. Here are some of the top podcasts covering all types of technology topics.

Spark with Nora Young

Nora Young provides a great podcasts with plenty of excellent knowledge. She delivers an exceptionally well produced and professional choice, which may come as a surprise in the podcast world. This Canadian show provides a look into the way technology is changing our culture today.

She doesn’t just look at one type of technology. Instead, she covers everything from artificial intelligence to remote-controlled cars. Her podcasts are about an hour long and Nora does a good job of making sure even beginners can understand what she’s talking about.


This well-produced video podcast covers plenty of great tech topics. It’s hosted by Veronica Belmont, Patrick Norton and Robert Heron. All three provide a whimsical look at technology, with plenty of inside jokes. They are very knowledgeable and make learning about technology fun.

Tekzilla may be the best choice for podcasts that covers all things tech. The shows last about a half-hour and you will always get a laugh, while receiving useful knowledge from Tekzilla.


Maybe the best-known of the tech podcasts, Lifehacker provides a look at all types of things. The show provides two hosts, Whitson Gordon and Adam Dachis. They will spend about an hour helping you understand many different things in the tech industry every episode. The show is very clean and provides some banter between the hosts. Podcast

British hosts can be a fun listen and the podcast provides some fun British tech talk. Hosts Olivia Salon and Nate Lanxon provide in depth interviews, plenty of insight and use great stories to explain technology. The podcast are usually about 30 minutes long and they include breaking news, fascinating discussions and the occasional investigative story.

The Tech Guy Podcast –

Leo Laporte is the host of this podcast and provides plenty of great tips, tricks and more. Laporte is an Emmy-winning tech journalist with all types of knowledge to share. He provides something you don’t get from other shows. The insight provided by Laporte makes this podcast a great choice for a weekly listen. If there’s something new in the industry, you’ll hear about it on The Tech Guy Podcast before you hear about it anywhere else.

NPR: Technology Podcast –

The “best of” NPR comes out in this podcast. The network is very well-known and provides a number of great episodes on technology. It’s a bit of a dry show, but for 30 minutes, you can learn quite a bit from the NPR podcast.

Engadget –

Brian Heater and Tim Stevens provide a great podcast covering all types of gadgets. If you’re fascinated with gadgets, this is the right choice for your weekly fun. They do a great job of discussing the gadgets, but they don’t really introduce them all that well. Tablets, phones, smart watches and plenty of other gadgets make it onto this hour-long podcasts.

Radiolab –

Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad provide all kinds of charm in their exceptional podcast. This 60 minute podcast provides three different 20-minute segments with different topics. They cover technology from a scientific perspective and include plenty of interesting stories.

TED Radio Hour –

This program is a bit newer and comes from NPR. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design, which is just what you get from the TED Radio Hour. Guy Raz hosts the show and talks about everything from iTunes to nontech topics. It’s not the most focused show, but it’s plenty of fun.

All of these podcasts provide an entertaining way to enjoy the world of technology. Whether you want to fill an hour a week with something new or you prefer just a half-hour, you can find the right podcast for you. Just choose one of the best tech podcasts above and start listening to some of the episodes from recent shows or from the archives.

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