Five Top Tips for SEO Link Building in 2015

SEO Link BuildingLink building is a huge part of SEO and has changed the most over the past few years. There used to be very easy ways to get a ton of links and find your site listed high in the SERPs. However, in today’s SEO world, you have to be far more careful than in the past. Here are five tips to help you build better links and better SEO for 2015.

Get Links from Real Sites

Many websites will link to your website, but many are also bogus. You don’t want bad links from sites only create for link building purposes. You also don’t want links from spammy or phishing sites.

Instead, get links from real websites in a natural way. Guest posting is one way to do this and there are many other ways to get natural links, as well.

Stop Asking for Links

Link BuildingAsking another site to link to you is like begging on a street corner. Instead, use social networks and other avenues to get your content noticed and get website owners to link to your content.

After you create a large content base, you will gain links without even trying. You can ask for links at this time, as well as long as you do it in the right way.

Low Quality PR and Adverts are Horrible for SEO

When you want to make your site look unprofessional, use low quality PR. This will take care of the job and will hurt you in many ways. Instead, you want to make sure everything you do is professional and unobtrusive. If you don’t, you may be labeled as a spam site.

Use Social as your Focus

Google and many other search engines are now looking to social links as a huge part of your ranking. You want to use all the major social networks, along with any found within your industry. These networks will provide high quality links and give you the ability to gain even more power from the sharing features.

Create Amazing Content

Amazing ContentProbably the best tip for link building in 2015 is to create amazing content. If you have great content, it’s very easy for other sites to link to your site. If your content isn’t very good, you won’t get as many links as you want or any.

These five tips will help you with SEO link building in 2015. If you want great ranking, the right links will make a huge difference.

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