Comparing Building a Client Base and Building a Hosting Site for Resellers

Building a Client BaseIs it better to build your host site or build a client base as a host reseller? The concept of reseller hosting basically works as the wholesale version of the web hosting industry allowing people like you to buy hosting for a great price and resell it for a profit.

Once you’ve purchased server resources at a low price, rebranded it, and resold it for a monthly income, you’ll have to consider how you will keep things up going forward. Most resellers build their sites using a set formula and can’t figure out how to stand out when it comes to reselling in competition with large hosting companies. You can compete with your lack of creativity, marketing knowledge, and a big budget. Take a look at the differences with building a client base and building a hosting site as a reseller.

Marketing your hosting business

It’s a struggle for many when it comes to marketing their hosting business. You have to decide if you are going to be complacent or aggressive in your efforts and there’s no clear way which route to take. You know you are going to have to compete against the big guys and you are new or inexperienced in reselling.

Your goal is to build this business and end up making a decent monthly profit and the hosting you’ve purchased at a reasonable price came stocked with the tools to create your own web hosting site, marketing, brand your customer’s control panels, and tools to establish your own business, but you’re still not sure how to go about this.

One route you could go is to start by taking free advertising coupons to a PPC campaign but it usually leads to little success. You could try competing with the big hosting companies in search engines but that will take a miracle for you to see success.

Think Outside the Box

The best bet is to think outside the box and not to get complacent. Don’t wait to be found but instead, get aggressive by utilizing all of your resources. Check out web hosting forums and become an active member in which you can offer others’ discounts and advertise your services on the site.

Consider offering other services that could be combined with the hosting plan to make you different than typical hosting companies. This way of thinking will make you different from the rest, noticed by people, and will increase your chance of success.

Designing the site and customer interactions

Building a WebsiteFrom here, you’ll need to design a great site and work on your customer interactions. You could technically build a client base without a website, especially if you offer other web-based services, but you are better off designing a great website if you plan to grow and maximize your profits.

You’ll appear more professional and visible to prospective clients that want to learn what you can offer them. Don’t count on people to purchase web hosting from a company that doesn’t even have a professional website. Create a great website before marketing, otherwise your marketing strategy may not work to your benefit.

Excellent for Marketing

Once you’ve created a great website and have started your marketing efforts, you need to make sure you have more interaction with your customers. This is why customers choose smaller hosting companies; they want better customer interaction. It’s easier for a large hosting company to take it easy on marketing efforts while smaller companies have to work much harder to obtain new clients because they don’t have as much of a well-known reputation yet.

Business MarketingPersonalizing services and creating relationships is the best plan for a small hosting company which should include offering discounts on monthly plans, offering multi-tiered referrals systems to help promote your business, and offering occasional surveys for feedback on your services.

Plus, keeping in touch on social media is now a “must” for all businesses, including hosting companies, because it shows your customers that you have an online presence, you care about their feedback, and you’re easily available for communication.

Reselling web hosting is hard work for a smaller or new company but you can get your name out there by following these tips and building a great hosting site before marketing yourself to potential clients.

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