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Building a Tech Startup? These 10 Tips Are For You

Building a tech startup is a complicated process. You have to move quickly, and if you’re planning to disrupt an existing sector of the industry, it’s essential that you have strong, relevant relationships and connections. There’s a lot of advice startup owners have to share about building a tech startup, but it’s difficult to get all the good information in one place. That’s why we compiled the best 10 tips we’ve seen about building a tech startup. Read on and learn something that could make a difference in your startup! 10 Tips for Building a Tech Startup Do you have …

Avoiding the 5 Common IT Security Mistakes Businesses Make

Businesses that don’t prioritize security online are making a big mistake that could cost them customers and leak sensitive information. Hackers and cyber threats lurk everywhere, and a business’ responsibility to protect and maintain their customers’ sensitive information can’t afford to risk that information getting into the wrong hands. Think of the public outcry after hackers stole credit card information from major retailers in the past, like Target and TJ Maxx. You don’t want something similar happening to your business! Here are 5 common IT security mistakes businesses make and how you can avoid them. 1. Leaving staff out of …

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