3 Types of Furniture Every Home Office Needs

Home offices are usually located in relatively small spaces. They don’t need to be very large for one person to sit down and get to work. But working from a home office can become a chore when there’s not enough space to move freely and things feel cluttered.

Finding the right furniture for your home office can help you get additional storage space and walking room without betraying the design aesthetic you were going for. Here are 3 types of furniture every home office needs.

3 Types of Furniture Every Home Office Needs

In order to be an effective and productive work space, every home office needs to have these types of furniture. It’s not about the design or form, but about the function and usefulness.

1. Corner furniture

home office furniture ideas for small spaces

 Corner furniture is necessary in a home office because it’s built specifically to stand out of the way in corners. Corners are usually wasted space.

Instead of placing rectangular or square pieces of furniture diagonally in a corner and wasting the triangle of space behind it, opt for furniture built specifically for the corner and notice the huge difference it makes in walking room.

You can find corner shelving and racks, chairs and desks. Take advantage of corners in your home office to make the space seem bigger.

2. Vertical storage

Bringing in bookshelves and free shelving are easy ways to add visual depth to your office, make it seem larger, and add storage space. By building up instead of out, you don’t take up walking room and create additional places to store office supplies, books, knick knacks, and papers. 

You could bring in a small bookshelf or build a custom shelf that reaches from the floor to the ceiling. Additionally, you could use a room divider with shelves to add vertical storage space, create a nice divide, and make your office seem bigger.

3. Hidden storage

Ottomans, side tables, desks, cabinets, and more can all contain hidden storage compartments that allow you to keep things close by without cluttering your office. Furniture with hidden storage enables you to bring in additional pieces without sacrificing much space.

While you might not go as far as installing a bookshelf that spins around to reveal a door to an underground lair, bringing in furniture that features hidden storage space is a smart choice for any home office.

What home office furniture tips do you have to share? We’d love to feature our readers’ tips for working from home in an upcoming article. Leave your tips in the comments below and we’ll be in touch!

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