Breaking out of a Creative Rut

Breaking the Creative RutAre you finding yourself in a creative rut these days? You may feel you’ve written everything you’ve got on your blog and there simply isn’t anything new to say right now. Being in a creative field like blogging, painting or art, it’s really common to find yourself with new to offer the world at times.

Most professionals are artists in one way or another that sometimes can’t find their passion. Finding your passion and living it still requires a lifetime of work to keep it going. No matter how much you are struggling to get out of a creative rut, there are some tricks of the trade. Lose that creative dry spell and try some of these tricks to feel inspired once again.

Remember it’s just temporary

One of the most important things you can do is to remind yourself that this creative dry spell is just temporary. You may feel like you’ll never have another good, new idea again but really, it’s not going to last forever. It could be a bad week or even a bad month for you, but it doesn’t mean you should put the pencil down and change careers.

The best way to get out of your rut is to stop trying to get out of it and try to start enjoying the present moment. Don’t continue to write when you’re in a rut because forcing it is going to frustrate you even more. Let the creative juices flow more naturally before you pick the pencil back up.

Where to find my creativity again

CreativitySome people are under the impression that creativity is only found in intelligent people but that is not the case. It’s been studied that once you pass an IQ of 120, creativity is no longer correlated to intelligence.

People shouldn’t feel they aren’t creative because they aren’t as smart as someone else in the field because people tend to lose creativity by picking up on bad habits they’ve learned throughout the years. Some of the most common creative blocks are really about worrying too much about making a mistake, trying to work so hard that you forget to find time to enjoy life and fearing ambiguity.

Fighting common creativity blocks

One of the first ways people stump their creativity is by fearing ambiguity. They worry so much that they aren’t going to be understand that they try to break down their bullet points into black and white for clarity’s sake and end up losing their creativity. Try to embrace the lack of clarity so that you can have an advantage over others, become more innovative and create amazing ideas that haven’t been formulated this way yet.

Another common mistake is that people want to create and edit things at the same time. They want to think creatively and then logically edit the work simultaneously which leads to a poor piece. Let creativity time be separate from editing time so that you have the chance to think of all of the possibilities at one time and you have a chance to edit at another time where you are allowed to judge, pick apart and throw out what isn’t working.

Other common creativity rut causes

Finding Creativity AgainIt’s a big problem when people worry too much and stop believing in themselves. If you lose your confidence, you won’t be able to solve problems or get creative. Try to remember that your failures help you learn, most great ideas usually sound crazy at first and nothing is impossible.

Stop these destructive behaviors so that you won’t kill your creative thinking. You shouldn’t worry about making mistakes because avoiding failure will cause you to avoid success. Learn from mistakes and take chances so that you can succeed.

Lastly, don’t let others discourage you by telling you to be more sensible or conform because you may stunt your creative ideas. Make sure you’re making time to have play, along with work, because during the “play” part of our day is when the most creative ideas are spurred. Rather than trying to work hard before you can play hard, allow yourself time to play so that you can naturally allow creative ideas to come up that will allow you to work harder tomorrow.

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