Why You Need to Refill Your Content Ideas

Content IdeasSometimes creativity can be tough and other times, it’s like the ideas won’t stop flowing. It’s one of those areas that people are constantly trying to improve. How can I become more creative and how can I get creative ideas when I’m in a rut? When your creative “well” feels like it’s drying up, it can be frustrating and scary for someone who makes a living off of their creativity.

While you may be a creative person and you’ve made a business off of this creativity, it’s important that you have a plan in place for what you’ll do when the creative juices aren’t flowing. In some cases, you aren’t allowing enough downtime to let your mind work without any distraction and in other cases, you aren’t writing down all of your ideas to revisit at a later time. Take a look at why refilling your content ideas of creative “well” is so important for your business.

Why it’s a problem that your creative juices are drying up

When you don’t add to your creativity well and find that your creative juices start to dry up, you may find yourself in a rut. Having an ongoing list of ways to keep your creativity running smoothly is so important to bloggers, writers, and others that work in a creative business.

It’s also important to have an outlet for your creativity and another for removing clutter or negativity from the picture. It’s important that you allow yourself to experience new things to keep your creativity moving because a writer or creative person needs to take part in the world to be able to write about.

How to deal with a creativity rut

Creative Content IdeasA few important tools to make sure you are doing this is to write in your journal each morning to remove any clutter and to help you work your thoughts out. Another tool is to refill your creative well by taking yourself on a date to do something fun, different, and exciting.

This could be as simple as a walk to the park to observe nature, an outdoor concert, or a local museum to see others’ creative works. You may be surprised what old memories pop up swinging at the park or what ideas are triggered by watching someone else perform.

From there, you should make sure you are getting unblocked from whatever is holding you back from coming up with new ideas. When you’re wearing so many hats from writing content to promoting your website, you can get burnt out and end up with writer’s block.

A simple way to stop this in its tracks is to use idea starters to write your next piece, which are phrases such as “Top 5 ways to __” or “A beginner’s guide to __” to trigger your mind to come up with things to write about. You can also start your blog post with a great headline and allow the rest of the article to flow easily or you could take a walk and let your mind feel free to process your thoughts.

Refilling your content ideas

ContentOne way to deal with a creativity rut is to simply be prepared. When you find you’re in a period of never-ending ideas, you should take note of those or start researching them to use later. You may come to a point like you’re in now where you really could use some great ideas.

Having ideas stored away for later will make later a little less stressful. Refill your creativity well and refill your content ideas by keeping an ongoing list, having the courage to try new things and new hobbies that will trigger more ideas for you, and spending time around smart people that may inspire intriguing conversations for you. Sometimes that round of golf, your morning shower, or working in a coffee shop today is all it takes to get the creative juices flowing and you may have not even expected it.

You need to refill your content ideas by trying new things, taking chances, and going back to the basics where creativity can run freely. Don’t be afraid to try new experiences to allow your mind to feel creative once again and start being prepared by writing down ideas to come back to later.

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