3 Skills All Creative Entrepreneurs Have

creative entrepreneursEntrepreneurs are a class of their own. Often above average in creativity, intelligence, and occurrences of mental health issues, there are pros and cons that come along with having an innovative, creative mind. Creative entrepreneurs possess a special set of skills that position them well for success in the world of business.

Of those skills, three stand out as being unique to the creative entrepreneur. They are what differentiates creative entrepreneurs from entrepreneurs who struggle to come up with ideas and be innovative. They are often what predicts an entrepreneurs’ success. Let’s explore what those three skills are.

3 Skills Creative Entrepreneurs Have

Simply being a creative person doesn’t make one a creative entrepreneur. Creative entrepreneurs know how to channel their multitude of good ideas and brainstormed topics into coherent, usable strategies, plans, and solutions. These are the specific skills that differentiate creative folks from creative business people.

1. The capacity to continually create

One is not creative if one cannot continually create. Businesses don’t succeed from one good try, but a series of well-planned, effective tries. Creative entrepreneurs have the capacity to be creative over and over again without regurgitating ideas or topics. They’re continually exploring new ways to think and new ways to think about existing processes and structures. That’s part of what makes them so well-suited for business.

2. The ability to effectively collaborate

Creative entrepreneurs are wonderful collaborators. The best and most far-reaching ideas go far beyond a single person or business. They reach out to collaborate with others and involve strategic people and companies in pursuit of an overall goal. Creative entrepreneurs are masters of networking, finding ways to collaborate with others, and make new creations out of unexpected pairings.

3. Entrepreneurship skills

Creative entrepreneurs are skilled both at starting projects and finishing them. The follow through is what’s important, and that’s another part of what differentiates creative people from creative entrepreneurs. Creative entrepreneurs may have “messy minds,” but not to the point of absolute distraction or failure. And when creative entrepreneurs do fail–and we all do–they’re amazingly resilient and able to pick up the pieces to start a new venture.

What makes them different?

John Howkins is an expert on creative entrepreneurs and their skills. He defines creative entrepreneurs as people who “use creativity to unlock the wealth that lies within themselves rather than external capital.” In other words, by possessing and disciplining the ability to come up with great, innovative ideas and solutions at any time, one becomes a creative entrepreneur capable of succeeding in business.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Lateral Action’s Mark McGuinness: “Creative entrepreneurs think in terms of creating opportunities, producing results and making profits. This leads them to create systems and businesses that generate wealth and free up their time for their next big idea.”

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