A Quick Guide to Conducting a Twitter Audit

TwitterTwitter is such a popular social media platform because it’s simple to use and offers a way for people to quickly pass on valuable information in a short period of time. Whether you are trying to keep up with friends and family or you want to be able to easily connect with your clients, Twitter is a hard social media option to beat.

In fact, the site sees around 6,000 tweets sent on average every second, which adds up to around 500 million tweets every day! Knowing this information, it’s no wonder you may want to get active on the site with your business. If you are going to use Twitter, you are smart to use the audit system which allows you to track if your content is really reaching your target audience. Here is a quick guide to conducting a Twitter audit for this reason.

What is the audit exactly?

A Twitter audit allows you to take a deeper look at your content on Twitter to see if your marketing efforts are getting you results. You can use this to learn if your content is reaching your target audience and if it’s having an impact. You can use to determine what areas you need to improve and what areas to pay closer attention to. Learn more about the effect of your content, your audience and their perception of your brand.

What the audit covers

Twitter AuditFirst of all, your audit will review your content to evaluate the engagement of users that you’ve generated. See how many people shared your links through the Twitter analytics tool. You may be able to learn what type of content gets responses, shares or leads to sales.

Who is your audience? Your Twitter community can be understood by using the audit tool. It will show you who follows you and to categorize the audience into lists based on your target demographic. Plus, you can clear out bots or undesirable followers. Use the audit to see what type of people you are missing that your industry needs to reach out to.

Twitter Audit GuideYour audit can also help to see what kind of effect your brand message is having. Look at the message to make sure it’s doing what you meant for it to do. Is your profile picture up to date and is your cover photo relevant? How does your page look on a mobile device? Look at your team members bios to make sure they are reflecting the company well.

Lastly, look at engagement through your Twitter audit. If you’re using the site to blast out your content and promote a sales pitch, you probably won’t see much of a return on your investment. You need to actually take the time to engage with your audience rather than automate updates without ever logging in on a regular basis.

When you’re using Twitter as part of your regular social media marketing efforts, make sure you take the time out to occasionally track, or audit, how your page is having an effect. Use it to gain a following, build relationships, give up-to-date information and relate to your customer base in the next best thing to a face-to-face interaction.

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