Adding a Facebook-Type Timeline to Your WordPress Website

The Facebook Timeline has become very popular and will allow you to make your website look very attractive. It can help with the flow of the blog posts and make it a bit more social.

Many WordPress users think they have to use a specific theme to make their site look like a Facebook Timeline. This isn’t true and with the Timeline Ultimate plugin, you can make your site look like it has a Facebook timeline without changing your theme.

Installing the Timeline Ultimate Plugin

Just like any other WordPress plugin, you can either upload the .zip folder you’ve downloaded or you can search and find the plugin to install it. Use the “Plugins” section within your dashboard for either option.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will have a new tab within your dashboard sidebar called “Timeline Ultimate.” This sidebar will allow you to access the different sections of the plugin.

Facebook Timeline

To get started with the plugin, you will need to click the “New Timeline Ultimate” button.

New Timeline Ultimate

Now you will be asked to add a title to your new timeline, which can be anything you want it to be.

New Timeline Title

After you enter a title, you can scroll down to the main section below.

Main Timeline Section

This section will include three tabs:

  • Timeline Options
  • Timeline Style
  • Timeline Content

Each of these tabs will help you configure your new timeline.

Timeline Options Tab

This tab will allow you to change the number of posts you want to display within the timeline, choose the size of your thumbnail image and choose the maximum height of the thumbnail image.

Timeline Options

Timeline Style Tab

This tab will allow you to change the theme of the timeline, the background image, the middle circle background color and many other options. Basically, all of the different customizations you want to make to the style of your timeline can be done within this tab.

Timeline Style

Timeline Content Tab

Within the timeline content ab, you can change how the content will be displayed, what type of posts to display and use filters for the content. This allows you to decide what you want your visitors to see when they land on your timeline.

Timeline Content

How to Display Your Timeline on a Post or on a Page

After you’ve set up the options, style and content for your new timeline, you will want to display it on a page or a in a post. This can be done with the shortcode associated with your timeline.

Shortcode For Timeline

Just copy this code and paste it into a new page or post where you would like the timeline to be displayed.

After you insert the shortcode, you will be all set. This plugin allows you to create Facebook-type timelines and use them anywhere you want on your website. You don’t have to set up your entire WordPress blog to use a timeline, but you can use it where you need it.

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