Connecting your WordPress Media Library with Google Drive

If you use Google Drive, it may be helpful if you can connect it with your WordPress media library. Since this tool is free and you get 15 GB of cloud storage, it may also be something you’re considering using.

Android phone users already know they can upload pictures to their Google Drive directly from their phone. However, what Google Drive users may not know is that you can do this with WordPress, too.
It’s possible to connect your Google Drive with WordPress. Here’s how it’s done.

Create a Public Access Folder in Google Drive

Before you do anything else, you need to create a folder in your Google Drive with public access. This is done by logging into your Google drive, creating the folder you want to use, selecting it and clicking on the share icon at the top of the page.

Share Google Drive Icon

Once you click on this, you will get a popup screen and you want to click on “Advanced.”

Advanced Google Drive

Within this second popup menu, you will see a setting that says, “Private – Only you can access.” Click on the “Change” link.

Change Link

From the next screen, select the “On – Public on the web” option.

Link Sharing GD

You now have a folder in your Google Drive that is viewable by the public.

Now, you need to copy the folder ID for later use.

Folder ID

Connecting Your Google Drive with WordPress

The next thing you will need to do is download and install the Google Drive Media Library Plugin. This plugin will allow you to actually connect your Google Drive with your Media Library.

After you’ve installed the plugin, you can access it under the “Media” tab within your WordPress dashboard.

Google Drive Media Library

Click on the section for the Google Drive Media Library and you will see three tabs. Click on the “Mapping Folder” tab.

Mapping Folder Tab

Now, copy and paste the folder ID into the “Google Drive Folder” section and click the “Save” button.

Enter Folder ID

This will connect your Google Drive to your WordPress Media Library and allow you to upload files and pictures directly to your WordPress Media Library.

Once you add a file to the shared folder, you will need to come back to the plugin and map the file. This is done under the “Mapping File” tab.

Mapping File Tab

Just enter the name of the file you want to map, along with a description and click the “Save” button.

Once you’ve saved the file, you can edit it within the media section of your WordPress dashboard. You will also be able to easily add the file to a post or page on your website.

Now you know how to connect your Google Drive and your WordPress Media Library. This process can make it much easier to add files to your WordPress website through the public folder on your Google Drive.

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