Which WordPress Facebook Plugins Provide Easy Integration?

If you want your blog to see success, you’ll have to integrate social media into the blog. Social media is one of the main forms of communication today so it’s become a blogger’s best friend when it comes to sharing their blog, increasing their audience and monetizing their site.

Luckily, WordPress has made available several plugins that will make it easy for you to grow your social media. With several services and plugins available through WordPress, it’s hard to know where to begin to integrate social media into your WordPress website. Since Facebook has over a billion users, that is the best place to target for increasing readership and building a following. Here is a look at which Facebook plugins you’ll love for easy integration.

Which plugin should I use?

It’s obvious that Facebook’s one billion members shows it’s a winner in the social media world. You should take advantage of this huge database of people and build a following by adding plugins to your WordPress site for Facebook. All you need to have on your WordPress blog to see success with Facebook is adding a “likes” counter, adding a Facebook content locker and adding a Facebook discount for “likes” option, among others.

Go with Ultimate Facebook for your Facebook plugin. This is a great plugin for integrating it to your WordPress site. You’ll use the plugin to login with Facebook and it enables your users to register on your site with their Facebook information. People love this because they don’t need to come up with a login name, a password or fill out a long form; they can just login with Facebook and it’s as easy as that. That is more appealing to a new user that wants to visit often without having to login another way each time.

Along with offering easy auto posting, your blog can now feature a “like” button, “comments” button,” and “send” button in no time. You can customize easily with this plugin in regards to where you want to see the Like & Send buttons on pages, posts and shortcodes. Add widgets to integrate albums and events and you can even use your activity feed to display recent activity on the site with recent comments to show recent Facebook comments.

Facebook Pages

Another great plugin option is Facebook Pages, a plugin that can integrate your Facebook page into your site. The features in this plugin are great for SEO and you’ll love being able to display comments and the page timeline on your WordPress website.

Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder

Easy Facebook Fanpage And Promotion Builder

If you like the idea of creating a custom fan page directly onto WordPress, check out the Easy Facebook Page Builder plugin. The feature on this plugin known as Share Gate will display your website contents when a user shares your blog or website. It’s a great way to manage sweepstakes and giveaways. Plus, you can add your “like,” “share,” or “follow” buttons anywhere on the site.

Facebook Traffic Pop

Facebook Pop

Have you ever noticed some users will read your material without giving you a “like” or following you? Install the Facebook Traffic Pop plugin to lock out accessibility to some of your Facebook page. Once the reader has “liked” your Facebook page, they can access the full content on your site.

Modify how it appears on your website. Don’t worry because the pop up will resize itself for various screen sizes and there will be cookies to ensure that people who did “like” your page aren’t bothered by the pop up in the future.

JQuery Facebook Gallery WP

jQuery Facebook Gallery WP

Try the JQuery Facebook Gallery WP plugin if you want to be able to display your Facebook albums on your WordPress gallery. It’s a great way to only have to upload your photos once and be able to share them on different sites. They only offer it for Facebook pages of businesses, pages registered as fan pages and organizations so personal pages or groups don’t even get the option.

Discount for Likes

Discount For Likes

If you haven’t seen anyone try the Discount for Likes option yet, it’s a great plugin that you’ll want to check out. You’ll get more “likes” because your customers will see that if they “like” your page, they’ll receive a discount.

This is great for an online retailer that wants to increase social media exposure and doesn’t mind providing discounts to those that follow through. Your prospective customers will be enticed to like you in return for a discount on your products or services.

These are the best of the Facebook plugins you’ll want to add to your WordPress site to integrate social media into your blog.

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