How can you Get More Facebook Likes with your WordPress Website?

Everybody wants more likes on Facebook. There are very easy ways to get them with your WordPress website and you don’t have to buy them. Here are five easy ways to boost your Facebook likes with your WordPress blog and website.

A Social Sharing Button with some Power

There are numerous social sharing buttons you can add to your WordPress website. However, not all of them help you to get likes on Facebook and some will slow your site down like crazy.

It’s not necessary to add an oversized sharing button or toolbar in every place you can on your website. Instead, you want to stick to just a few social media sites and add the buttons just once. Put them close to your article where people can see them as they are reading.

Now, when you write high quality content, those that like it will also like your Facebook page. They will want more of that type of content and they will like your page to find it.

The best WordPress plugin for a good Social Sharing button is the Floating Social Bar. This plugin is very powerful and will put a floating bar on your WordPress site at the top.

Floating Social Bar

With this plugin, you are sure to get more likes on Facebook, along with more activity on other social sites.

Use a Call to Action

One of the best ways to add likes to your Facebook Page is with a call to action. The call to action can be put at the bottom of each blog post, in email newsletters and other content you share. It simply tells users to like your Facebook page if they liked the content.

Add a Facebook Like Box Popup

The Facebook Like Box Popup may seem a bit annoying, but it works. When you add this to your site, in the right way, you can get all types of likes to your Facebook page.

The one mistake many WordPress users make is using the popup when visitors first arrive. This can be annoying and get your visitors to leave your site fast. However, when the box pops up when they are leaving, you will see more likes and it won’t seem so intrusive.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

You can use the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox plugin and set it with a delay. This will allow the visitor to see your site and after a few minutes the like box will popup.

Contest are Facebook Gold

If you really want to boost your Facebook likes, giving something away with a contest is a great way to go. When you run the contest and make the requirement that those entering like you on Facebook, you can build a large community. You don’t even need to give away anything expensive. It can be something that doesn’t even cost you any money at all.

Use an Embedded Facebook Status or Like Box

It’s a bit standard, but one of the easiest ways to increase your likes on Facebook. Adding an embedded like box to the sidebar will help your visitors find you and like you on Facebook. You can also add an embedded status from Facebook to your sidebar. If you do this, you’re sure to add more likes to your page.

The easiest way to embed a like box is with the Official Facebook Like Box. Just create your code and add it to the sidebar with a text widget.

Facebook Like Box

There are many other ways to leverage the power of Facebook, but these five will help you add more likes to any Facebook page. As the largest social media website, you will certainly want to create your own Facebook page and build a community through this page.

When you first start out with Facebook, it may be tempting to purchase likes for your age, but they are mostly garbage. Most of the paid likes are not likes at all because they are fake accounts or people that get paid to like your stuff. This won’t help you at all. Instead, you want to use these five tips and other methods to drive real, organic likes to your Facebook page.

Real likes will actually take action, continue to follow what you do, read your blog posts and make you money. If you’re trying to build a real community, avoid purchasing likes and build them through your WordPress website.

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