What Type of Facebook Content Causes More Engagement?

FacebookFacebook is a great way to get your customers to engage with you and others about your company. It’s easy to set up your fan page on Facebook but the challenge comes when it’s time to build your following and to understand the ways to increase engagement.

While it’s important that you are capable of posting with the proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and have the ability to portray your clever wit, there’s actually more to it than that. You need to be able to post content on Facebook that features a call-to-action, has great photos or designs, offers something relatable and you need to know the right time of day to post. Here is a look at these tips and more to cause more engagement on your company’s Facebook fan page.

Offering a beautiful image or video content

People love photos and videos on Facebook. A post that lacks a rich image is going to be skimmed over and maybe ignored. It’s easy to share a great image when you are posting about food, travel, art or fashion so if your company doesn’t fall into this realm, you’re going to have to think outside of the box.

A great image will drive engagement with little effort and you won’t require much text along with it. Eyes are drawn to beautiful or breathtaking images which means your content, if properly optimized, will easily engage your audience because of the image that has already captivated them. Allow your photo to speak a thousand words while you just speak a few with it.

A call-to-action

Facebook ContentPosting on Facebook will engage audiences more successfully if you feature a call-to-action in the post. Ask your audience to “Like” what you’ve posted and to add their comment below the photo. Find something that would be appealing to everyone, like a beautiful sunset, a delicious meal or a cute puppy.

You just want to get people to enjoy what you post, share it with their friends and have them waiting for your next post. Making it relatable and even seasonable by posting about the upcoming holiday is a great way to grab your audience’s attention.

Ask your fans a question

The popular makeup brand Sephora uses a “quick questions approach” in which they engage their audience by asking a fun, simple and quick question to their fans. They ask their fans to answer the question in the comments section.

If you have an idea or there is something you really want feedback on, feature it on your Facebook page. It makes you seem more human and that you care about their input. Some companies will even announce that a random commenter will be chosen to win a prize, which encourages more participation.

Posting valuable information

Sometimes you fans want to see some useful content up rather than a short, cute quote or pretty picture. Posting evergreen content will provoke and help your audience by offering something educational.

Start it with the phrase “Top 10 reasons why…” or “Top 10 things you can do…” to get your fans to want to click for the information. It’s a great way to offer tips, how-to’s and get people to want to hear more from your company. Be careful on issues of politics and religion in case your audience has different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Optimized visuals

Facebook VisualsYou can use Facebook to work on your visuals with optimized designs and copywriting techniques. Gage your followers’ physical, emotional and financial needs by offering something for free. One huge retailer Target does this by posting a photo with a short caption and the image is advertising free shipping on orders placed online that week.

Other great routes to encourage engagement on Facebook is to post a funny photo and to ask your followers to caption it for you, to post a phrase with blank lines and asking your followers to fill in the blanks, to post a humorous pun to make your followers laugh, and to post a nostalgic type of question to make your audience remember the old days. Of course posting about promotional discounts and freebies is a popular way to get your fans engaged with you.

Use these tips when trying to determine what type of content to share with your Facebook fans in order to drive engagement and take advantage of this excellent marketing tool.

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