Can you Use Icon Fonts in WordPress Without HTML?

Icon Fonts are a very popular thing and allow the users to use vector icons as their font. This is something many web designers use because of the way they look compared to a bitmap image. They can be resized easily and they work with nearly all the top WordPress themes.

In this WordPress tutorial, you will discover how to use the icon fonts in WordPress without needing any HTML or CSS experience. This isn’t a difficult task and any beginner can use these fonts pretty easily.

Using the WP Visual Icon Fonts Plugin for WordPress

Before you go any further, you should download, install and activate the WP Visual Icon Fonts plugin.

WP Visual Icon Fonts

After you’ve activated the plugin, you can access it from Settings >> Icon Fonts. The plugin comes with Font Awesome and Genericon fonts, which you can use for your icon fonts.

Font Awesome


Once you’ve selected the font you want to use, it will be available with your WordPress posts, pages and custom post types. You can access the icon fonts from the post or page edit screen by clicking the “Icons” button found next to the “Add Media” button.

Icons Button

Once you click this button, you will get a dropdown menu with all your different font choices. This will allow you to add the icon fonts to any post, page or custom post type with ease.

You can change the color and the size of the font just like you would any regular font in the post editor screen. Just select the font you want to change and use the buttons in the visual editor.

Icon fonts are used to help spice up any landing page, post or any other type of page on your website. You will gain 369 icons with Font Awesome and another 62 icons you can use with the Genericon font. This gives you plenty of choices for highlighting long articles, adding a little extra design or just making your blog posts a little prettier.

Now you know how to use icon fonts in WordPress without any HTML. It’s so easy any beginner can do it just by installing the plugin.

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