What New Bloggers Should Know About Email Marketing

New BloggersWhen you are a new blogger, you may be unfamiliar with email marketing and how to start it. The point behind an email newsletter is to build your traffic and create an income but many times new bloggers don’t know how to do this.

Many of the most successful bloggers attribute their success to their email list which is why you may want to be one of them. From starting a newsletter to attracting subscribers, understanding timing to monetizing your newsletter, here is a look at the basics you need to understand about email marketing as a new blogger.

Where to begin

You’ll first start out with a newsletter to create your list. Your list will hopefully grow to become a massive list someday, but you have to start somewhere. Your list will likely start off small and you can typically get free email marketing service but when it does grow, you’ll most likely have to pay for the service. A service like this works to keep you from getting flagged as spam, simplifies the process, and helps you with automating delivery. Many people choose MailChimp or Aweber for their email newsletter service.

Get set up by creating a template and adding an RSS feed to your blog posts. This will work by pulling them into your newsletter and as long as you have great content, people will start reading your newsletters. Try to offer something people want or they will lose interest, such as unique content, great tips, giveaways, or posts about current events.

Choosing your timing and attracting readers

Next you’ll need to work on the best way to attract subscribers and part of this is choosing your frequency and timing carefully. Your newsletter should match how often you are blogging, whether that’s a few times per week or every day of the week.

Email MarketingFor those that only blog about once per week, consider your newsletter frequency at once per month or send them out only when a new product or announcement is coming. Choose the time of week carefully as sometimes Mondays are too busy for people and Fridays may lose interest as people enter the weekend.

Attract subscribers by offering freebies such as tips, a tutorial, a printable guide, or a free ebook. Gifting information and giveaways to people will make them feel that you care about their needs while you are actually promoting yourself in a great way. Check out Canva if you need to create a great looking document. Make sure your giveaway pertains to your niche.

How to engage with your list

Don’t forget that you need to build a great reputation and this happens through engagement with your list. Make sure you send a welcome message to new subscribers, always add a great subject line to get people to want to open your message, and make sure each newsletter is offered in a friendly voice.

  • Send a welcome message to new subscribers
  • Use a catchy subject line
  • Use a friendly tone and voice

Bounce Rates, Open Rates, and Click Rates

It’s time to start tracking your progress. Unless you make it easy for your readers to subscribe and you engage with your readers so that they will want to read more, you’ll have no way to build your list. Part of this is tracking your progress in order to see where you are failing and where you are doing things right. Take a look at your bounce rates, open rates, and click rates to see how things are going.

Your bounce rates refer to the emails being sent to email addresses that have inboxes too full or a closed email account. If you were too allow your bounce rates to get out of control, your ISP will block you for continually delivering messages to closed subscribers.

Open rates refer to the number of delivered emails that were opened by subscribers while click rates show you how often a subscriber is clicking a link. Tracking all of these areas will help you to determine how successful your newsletters are. Strive for an open rate of 10% or better.

How to monetize your newsletter

Blog Email MarketingLastly, you can monetize your newsletter after you’ve built your list. It’s time to make your subscribers customers by taking steps to monetize including using affiliate links, redirecting people to older content with affiliate links, or selling your services, products, ebooks, or online courses.

Just because you are new to blogging, it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful and profitable. Use these steps to start building your email marketing list.

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