Enhance Your Online Customer Service with These Tips

enhance your online customer service with these 5 tipsLooking for ways to enhance your online customer service? We compiled the most helpful tips for offering the best customer service and support online and over the phone.

Put these tips into action at your company to improve your customer service and win more loyal customers.

5 Tips That Enhance Online Customer Service

Implementing any or all of these tips will have a positive effect on your customer service.

Whether you’re handling customer service for your business on your own or have a small team of customer service representatives, these suggestions can be a game-changer.

  1. Put a big smile on your face. Smiling helps you keep a positive attitude during online interactions and adds a friendly, jovial tone to your voice if you’ll be handling any customers over the phone. Research says that smiling when you’re feeling stressed can actually ‘trick’ your brain into making you feel happier. Happy people give the best customer service!
  2. Keep a notepad or spiral notebook next to your desk to write down any reminders and notes you might need later. Examples of reminders and notes you might jot down include: Preferred nicknames, specific call scenario scripts, keeping up with average chat times, common solutions to customer problems, etc.
  3. Don’t just be calm – be positive during customer interactions. Acting overly calm without showing friendliness might come across as detached or uninterested. Stay positive and upbeat when interacting with customers via email, live chat, or the phone- no matter what happens. Even complaints and negative information can be responded to positively.
  4. Learn how to bow out of long-winded conversations that are irrelevant to your job. Develop strategies for graciously ending the exchange when a customer seems to be veering into the long-winded zone via live chat or the phone. Remember not to be harsh with the customers that chat too long – some customers are dealing with issues like loneliness, depression, boredom, and personal difficulties. If you ever face any type of abuse or uncontrolled anger from a customer, refer to the 5 Steps to Follow If a Customer Insults You.
  5. Don’t gossip about your customers, ever. No matter how much you feel they deserved it, how sure you are that they’ll never find out, or how accepting of this behavior your coworkers might be. The risk of being overheard by customers or letting typed information get into the wrong hands is too high to warrant this harmful form of ‘venting.’ Would you continue to use a business after you heard their employees talking about you or another customer? Probably not.

Offering effective customer service online means taking these tips into consideration and implementing the ones you feel would benefit your business the most. If you’re serious about offering the best online customer service, you have to install live chat support on your website to give customers an instant communication option like the phone.

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