Which Up-and-Coming Social Platforms Should you be Aware of?

Up-and-Coming Social PlatformsYou are probably accustomed to using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to spread the message about your website or blog. These are necessary ways to engage with the world through social media and attract more of your target audience in the process.

The problem is that these social media platforms were the start to the idea and some new concepts have developed since then. They may someday be “out with the old” and you’re going to want to become “in with the new.”

We can all agree that businesses see more success when they have a strong social media presence in their marketing strategies but it turns out that becoming more active on lesser known social media networks is turning out to have some unique advantages. Here is a look at the up-and-coming social platforms you should start to check out.

Why not stick with the common social media platforms?

While it’s important to have a solid Facebook page or active Twitter account, it’s becoming beneficial to stay on trend by being a part of the up-and-coming platforms. There are already so many using those sites that the competition is steep and the uniqueness is gone.

Being active on a lesser known site that is quickly growing could give your audience a different impression of you, such as that your company is innovative, intelligent, and in-the-know. It looks good for a company to make a home on a platform where your customers are trying to make a home too, and brings you in as part of a community. Have a stronger voice early in a new platform and you may have some influence on the direction the site ends up going.


SlideshareCheck out Slideshare if you haven’t seen this site yet. The site started in 2006, the same year as Twitter, and was later bought by LinkedIn in 2012. It used to be a way to share PowerPoint presentations among professionals but it’s developed into more of an educational tool for big wigs like NASA, IBM, and even The White House. It’s a great e-learning tool that can be used on computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Just ask the 38 million registered users; this is a great platform for the business owner or professional. Basically, you’ll post your PowerPoints, PDFs, Keynotes, videos, and documents with private groups of users or publicly, and then other users can rate or comment on it along with having the option to discuss it in a designated “meeting room.”

Use this site as a content marketing tool, spread awareness, generate leads, build your brand, and bring in new visitors to your website. Make sure you are sharing images and infographics to get higher ratings.


SnapchatYou may have tried the app Snapchat, a fun way to send images and videos to other users that will only be available for a set determined amount of time. It’s not a new site; the site started in 2011 as a college course’s final project and turned into a $20 billion company by 2015. This is one of the most popular and growing social media platforms that has around 100 million daily users from high school to college students and young adults up to age 24. Women use the app more than men but it’s a great way to stay in touch with family, discover entertaining content, and those using it tend to be online consumers that love a great deal or coupon.

It works by allowing you to send photos, drawings, or videos to other users through a “snap” which can only be viewed for a set of time (typically 1 – 10 seconds) and then it will self-destruct. Post montages of the day for up 24 hours through “My Stories” and use filters to modify your images and videos.

Message and chat or check out the “Snapcash” feature to send money to other users. You can use it as part of a marketing campaign, especially if students are your target market, or to offer a preview of an upcoming product, alert of a sale, or show a behind-the-scenes of your business.

Another great option is We Heart It, a photo-sharing site similar to Pinterest, that allows you to create a collection of images or videos in order to express yourself in a simple yet positive environment. The target demographic is teenagers compared to Pinterest’s 20s and 30s age range, and it’s perfect for marketing purposes just like Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and Starbucks have already done. Show off your new products and showcase your brand.

These are the best social media platforms that aren’t as well-known that you should definitely check out. Why not be a part of something in its early stages of growth while bettering your business?

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