The Basics of Social Media Marketing for New SMM Managers

SMM ManagersIf you’ve just joined the world of social media marketing, you may need a little guidance as to where to start. How do you incorporate social media into your marketing efforts as a blogger, freelance business owner or other solopreneur? It’s may seem overwhelming and that you aren’t sure how to proceed, but it’s pretty simple once you get the feel for each social media platform.

Understanding the basics will be a good way to get started and you can always get into the more complicated tricks as you get the hang of each site. SMM doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think; just start with understand the goal behind social media marketing and how to do it on each major site. Here is a look at the basics for your new task as an SMM manager.

What is the ultimate goal of social media marketing?

The goal behind marketing through social media is to attract a user base that you can more easily build a relationship with. It can be time consuming for an SMM manager but with effort and planning, you can keep up with it on a weekly or daily basis.

Make sure that your social media managing stays schedule month after month because users don’t want to be left hanging for long without updates. Keep your audience of your status and any hiatuses that will occur so that you don’t lose the audience you worked so hard to obtain.

Building trust with consumers

What is the trick behind social media marketing? Your consumers are going to be attracted to you if they feel your brand is like a “friend” to them. You need to find a way to build an intimate connection based on common values, interests and experiences with your audience. The times of sales pitches are out and the times of interacting with the world are in.

Remember that consumers are drawn to interaction with people and quality time when you are trying to build your brand and interest an audience. Don’t sell your product or service anymore; people want to be recommended by you, their friends and the world why they should decide to purchase from a brand. Use social media marketing to build trust by respecting the world’s freedom of choice.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn for the highest chance of building traffic to your website and making conversions. Be successful by actually interacting with users rather than just posting updates. People want tips, resources and advice which will entice them to follow brands that offer it.



Use Twitter for a text message-style platform for updates that are concise and to-the-point. You’ll have to post often as Tweets fade quickly. Update old blog posts and remarket them to keep the buzz alive.

Tweet out your blog posts throughout the day as well as other people’s content from your industry and try to include images for more intrigue. Respond and engage with tweeters interacting with you. Avoid irrelevant Tweets and schedule them so that you don’t overdo it.



Facebook is best for a more casual atmosphere that people are using for hobby apps and pages. You can add humor to your posts to make your audience smile while promoting your brand. Sharing visual content like videos and pictures is key. Use Facebook to show you are human, be friendly and keep in touch.


Google Plus

Google+ is a great platform for marketing your content socially. You can post in a forum thread way and they also feature Hangouts where you can do live webinars to educate people on your product. It’s a non-cluttered social network making it easier to promote your brand. Don’t forget to use hashtags in your posts. This is the place to discuss rather than promote.



Use Pinterest if you have great images to market. The site promotes visuals and infographics because people want to pin great photos to their boards.

LinkedIn and YouTube


Lastly, make sure you use LinkedIn for networking professionally, getting new leads and gaining new clients. It’s a friendly, professional site that can help you get in touch with leads, employers, vendors and partners. Post articles in their publishing platform Pulse.

YouTube is the place to go if you have great videos to promote. Hire someone that can do good video scripting and provide high resolution videos. Avoid sales pitches and ask for a call to action on your video.

Use these tips and these social media platforms to get started in the world of social media marketing.

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