Is a Social Media Provider or Website a Better Choice?

Social Media vs. WebsiteAre you trying to determine between running a company website and simply doing everything through social media? It can be a little overwhelming to try to use every online outlet to make your presence known but there are benefits to every route.

There are many social media platforms you can use but not everybody uses Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook while some people are all about social media and aren’t likely to check out your website. What is going to be most effective for your business’s goals is what you need to do but that requires weighing the options between a company website and a social media provider. Here is a look at what tech experts would recommend you do and why.

Why social media is wise

Social media profiles are really easy to set up. Since there is already a website created that everyone is a part of, you can simply make a page to represent your company on an established online site. With just an hour of time, you can have a social media site that your customers can be told about to easily see what your company is up to or to retrieve contact information.

Social Media ProviderYou can tell your customers how to reach you by redirecting your domain name to the social media page. Your web address will be business-branded rather and you can choose from the various sites including LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. Some people decide to create a profile page on each site to reach as many potential customers as possible.

The beauty behind social media is that the sites are already full of potential customers and have been established for you. There is no struggle behind creating your online presence; you simply create a profile picture and fill in the dots. It’s quick and free to set up allowing for a low-commitment way for you to interact with the world online.

Watch your company engaging with your customer base easily through social media. In fact, you’ll be able interact in a more casual and humanizing setting which improves your chances at building relationships. Customers will learn what your brand is all about by a quick visit to your social media page.

Why a website is wise

Many people go with a company website because they want more control over their brand. It’s a better option if you want to truly own it, decide how it will look and what will go on it. A website can be as small as a one-page site or as complex as a sales hub. You’ll no longer have to worry about having a limited design like on social media, having complaints online linked to your social media profile or having no reporting tools available to track your following.

WebsiteIf you’re only going to have one form of an online presence, go with a company website. Consumers expect you to have a website with your contact information, photos, information on what you do and pricing information. You’ll have the control of a free website builder to a paid option for premium tools.

It’s a cost-effective way to gain more credibility and it’s a better way to market since you’re in control of the communication with your customers. Include extra features like videos, reviews and a blog. Just be prepared to handle the daily maintenance, the complicated designs and the increased marketing efforts but relish in the huge payoffs from doing these tasks.

A company website is the best way to go but if you can manage to have both a company website and social media platforms, you’ll be looked at as a company that has their customers’ best interest at heart as they can reach you through multiple outlets.

They’ll love seeing new photos and updates on what your company is up to each week through social media while being able to check your website for the “about us” section and pricing details or scheduling inquiries.

Try to incorporate both routes when choosing how you will make your presence known online but if you only have the capabilities to choose one over the other, make it the company website full of all of your contact information, full of photos, pricing, contact forms and a blog that allows you to update the world on the latest news.

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