What’s it Take to Run a Successful Blog Giveaway?

GiveawaySometimes a giveaway is a great way to attract people to your brand. It brings on attention to your company while giving your product more recognition and increasing site traffic. It’s a great idea for bloggers but it takes some strategizing to make it a successful situation.

You need to be aware of some rules and etiquette while strategizing to make this a successful marketing campaign. Running a blog giveaway is a great idea, so here is a look at how to do it in order to get what you need out of it and keep your followers happy.

You can’t use current followers as entries

There was a time when you could use all of your “likes” as entries for giveaways but in 2014, Facebook disallowed it. Google+ followers can’t be automatically used as entries either. While you need a way to build up followers on social media, you don’t have to give up on the idea of blog giveaways entirely.

They are such a successful advertising tactic as long as bloggers find new ways to have them benefit blogs and brands that are represented instead of as a way to drive social media followers. Make it exciting and earn followers without requiring an entry by making it meaningful, having a prize, and promoting it right.

Make it meaningful

Pinnable PostPeople love to participate in a cause that is meaningful, especially when there is little work involved to do so. If you can find a way to create a meaningful post around your giveaway, this is a great route to go. Generate a pinnable post that is interesting and you may be able to go viral.

Make it relatable, like a common parenting problem that you are solving, and make your giveaway the solution to the problem. Share it with relevant sites, whether that’s mommy blog sites, travel sites, or food sites (depending on the giveaway) and you’ll generate the right traffic during the content. Your visitors may even stay long enough to check out your content past the original allure of the contest.

Group with bloggers and choose good vendors

You may need to join up with other bloggers to make a themed giveaway, such as a holiday giveaway that is more massive than you could pull off along. You’ll not only connect with one another, but you’ll reach a bigger audience, more possibilities of sponsors, and more valuable prizes for the winners. Make a product that is environmentally friendly, holiday-friendly, kid-friendly, and fun and you may be able to be featured on holiday sites, non-toxic sites, parenting sites, and more.

Just make sure you choose your giveaway vendors carefully because the last thing you want is a winner that didn’t receive their prize. A contract put in place is always best, choosing the right brands from the start, and having a backup plan to make sure your winner gets their prize.

What prize will you pick?

PrizeYou need to be wise about the giveaway prize you choose. For example, a CD or book may not be a hot item while lotions or children’s toys may be the perfect idea. Find something that compliments your blog and excites readers. For example, don’t give out a chemical-filled product if you are running an organic promotion site. check out sites like Rafflecopter that will follow the laws of giveaways and make sure you are only offering prizes to adults over 18 and just in the US to avoid any legal headaches.


Lastly, be sure to promote it by making a great giveaway page to draw traffic, listing it on giveaway sites, and promoting it with hashtags, social media updates, and tags. It’s the best way to get the word out for no cost and reach a large audience.

Use these tips to run a blog giveaway successfully!

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