When Should You Schedule Social Media Posts for Each Network?

Social Media PostsHave you ever wondered if your social media efforts should be strategized? You may be used to tweeting or updating your Facebook status at any point in the day when it feels right. Maybe you feel that logging on can be done at any time without any difference in results.

In reality, your targeted audience is logging on at certain times of day and is more likely to see what you post if you plan ahead.

While you may have thought there is no best time of day to post, there should be much consideration into your social media strategy. Your target audience may be logging in first thing in the morning, during the lunch hour, or only at night, depending on your industry.

Understanding this is how your social media posts can reach your worldwide audience more effectively and that’s how you make a difference for your brand online. Take a look at these tips when it comes to updating your social media and how it can make a big impact on your brand.

Facebook vs. Twitter

FacebookWhen it comes to these two most popular social media platforms, it’s important to understand when these users are going to see your posts. For Facebook, it’s best to post between 1pm and 4pm, while Twitter is best between 1pm and 3pm.

Avoid posting on Facebook after 4pm because traffic fades until 9am and don’t bother posting on the weekend. Twitter sees traffic fading after 3pm, especially on Fridays, but their traffic is strong after 11am on weekdays.

On the other hand, Facebook is one of the most blocked sites by businesses and is more likely to be seen socially on weekends, or before and after work, which means brands have to decide which time to post to be more likely to reach their audience.

Twitter users tend to constantly check their feeds which means a restaurant that wants to promote a lunch special may have luck if they update at some point before the lunch hour.

LinkedIn vs. Google+

LinkedInIf you prefer the professional social media platforms of LinkedIn or Google+, you will be working a different ballgame. LinkedIn is the ultimate site when it comes to professional networking and you should keep in mind that people are checking this site before and after their workday.

Update LinkedIn between 7-9am and 5-6pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Don’t bother on Mondays or Fridays, because people are too busy starting up or finishing up the week and you’ll rarely see traffic between 9am-noon and 1pm-5pm.

Interestingly, Google+ tends to see more traffic after 9am and peaks during work hours while traffic is M.I.A. after 5.

While LinkedIn is perfect for your Tues-Thurs posting, sometimes you may find that people are slacking off on Mondays and Fridays, making it more likely for them to see your updates. You could try posting on Monday morning and Friday afternoon, in addition to a point during their peak days.

Time zone differences always mean you’re going to lose some of your audience while gaining others. Google+ is a challenge because many are still opting for Facebook over this site, but your updates may stay on users’ news feeds longer as less people use the site.

What about Pinterest and Instagram?

PinterestIf your site thrives on Pinterest, make sure you are giving people content to pin over the weekends. People love to check out fun updates on Pinterest on Saturday mornings as they plan their weekend fun.

You’ll also do well from 2pm-4pm, or 8pm-1am, but most people are elsewhere from 5pm-7pm making later afternoon a low rate of success.

Instagram doesn’t tend to have a peak time; people are regularly on it and will likely see it on Saturday morning as they update their photo of the morning or start their day.

Don’t forget time zones

Everything is going to be affected by time zone differences. For example, Tuesday is a popular day for Twitter but if you post thinking that people will check it on their lunch breaks or at the start of their day, your followers in another part of the world aren’t going to be as likely to see it. Your post at noon in Los Angeles wouldn’t reach your New Yorkers until 3pm their time, 8pm in London, or 3am in Beijing.

When you need to reach a certain demographic in a certain part of the world, think ahead to what time it is there and if it’s the best time for you to pots or not. You can always experiment by tweeting at different points in the day to see when your audience s more reactive.

Last, be sure you are focused on having great content in addition to planning out smart times to post. Without great content, posting at the perfect time of day won’t make a difference. Your audience wants to see quality content, be entertained, and have a reason to come back for more. Give it to them!

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