Top 5 Mistakes Made When Blogging for Business

Blogging for BusinessHaving a blog for your business website can be very powerful. However, it’s also possible to make plenty of mistakes. Here’s a quick look at the top five mistakes made when blogging for your business website.

No Direction for Content

Bloggers not blogging for business may be able to write whatever they want and get away with it. You, as a business owner, cannot do this and expect results. There hast to be a clearly laid out plan for your content.

It starts with figuring out why you’re blogging. If you’re a local landscaping company, maybe you want to blog to reach more people, have something to share on social media and target long-tail keywords for SEO purposes. These are all good reasons to blog.

After you figure out why you’re blogging for business, you need to start setting up a content plan. Figuring out what your audience is searching for is a great place to start. In addition, you want to answer burning questions in your industry.

With the right plan for your content, you can build more traffic, establish authority and provide something visitors will love. However, if you write just to write, you cannot expect much to come out of blogging.

Grammar Errors, Typos and Format Errors

While you can get away with a few typos here and there, along with a few grammar errors, if your content is full of them, it won’t be very trustworthy to readers. Humans are forgiving when reading online content and even large media outlets with editors make mistakes and miss typos. This just cannot become a regular thing where every post is hard to read due to errors.

Format errors, on the other hand, can sink you before you get started. Not splitting up content with multiple headers, images, bullet points and other dividers can make it hard to read. It’s also important to make sure your content can be skimmed and easily read on all devices.

Infrequent Posts

Scheduled Blog PostsThe best way to blog is frequently and on a schedule. If you want to publish one post a week, choose a day and make that your publishing day. Often, you can schedule out your post ahead of time, which can be very helpful.

Those posting infrequently will confuse their audience. People are creatures of habit and they want to know when they can find new content on your blog. It doesn’t have to always be perfectly consistent, but more often than not, there needs to be some sort of pattern to your blogging.

Always Focusing on Keywords

Do you think readers want to see your 15th post on landscaping design just because you tweaked your focus keyword a little bit? Nobody wants to read the same regurgitated information over and over again with small variations.

Keywords are out and they don’t matter nearly as much as they used to. Google and other search engines read by paragraph now instead of just by keyword density. You need to be sure you’re writing based on topics and not just based on keywords. Write for your readers and the search engine love will follow.

Counting on In-House Expertise

We are not all experts and even when we are, it doesn’t mean we can communicate to non-experts in our industry. You’re customers probably don’t speak on the same level as you do when it comes to your products, services and the industry you’re within.

ExpertIt’s better to hire a writer capable of taking your expertise and making it easier to understand for your customers. Often, a good writer will make your blog content appealing to a larger audience, which makes it better for your overall readers.

There are many mistakes you can make with your business blog. However, if you can avoid these five mistakes when it comes to blogging for business, you’ll be in great shape. Write for your readers and make sure you have a good content plan. This will go a very long way for marketing and SEO for your website.

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