Step-by-step Guide to Publishing Your First Blog Post

BloggingIf you’ve made the decision to start a blog but you’re not sure where to start, you may want to focus on setting the tone with your first blog post. After creating a website with a great design, choosing a domain, and obtaining a hosting service, you can now start publishing blog posts as often as you’d like.

Deciding where to start is sometimes the challenge, with the first post being the place that triggers the next post and the next. Sometimes just starting with some great ideas, writing the post using an outline, and worrying about the right images and social media outlet for it later is the best way to tackle it. Here is your step-by-step guide to knowing where to start and where to end with your first blog post.

Where to begin

Now is the time to start generating ideas that you’ll use when you need to write your next blog post. This may help you to come up with a good starting place in a first blog post, where you’ll have an idea of where you want to start and take it from there as you come up with ideas. It’s challenging to come up with a winner right away, but it’s important to set aside time to brainstorm each week where you can add to your idea list.

It may help to pinpoint your goal behind the blog and in the future, who you want to reach with your content, and what people may want to hear about. Think about your readers’ values, their location, the things they are interested in, and how you could address their concerns through your content.

Come up with an outline and get started

Now it’s time to format an outline for your first blog post and get started writing. Choose one of the ideas you came up with to blog about and make sure it’s one that you could talk about in plenty of words and with plenty of passion.

Start with an introduction, a first section that will discuss your main point, and a following section or two with a main point and extra information. Segmenting your points of information will make it easier to write and will make it easier on the reader to enjoy shorter segments at a time. End it with a conclusion and a call to action.

Don’t be afraid to just start writing freely without worrying about editing. Get the words out in your unique voice, without distractions, and see what you can come up with.

Edit and work on your headline

HeadlineNow is the time to really think about your editing. Watch for careless typos and grammatical errors. This is the time to polish your post and rewrite where it’s needed because being careless in this step could cost you readers.

Your online readers are going to be drawn in by your catchy headline and subtitles, so make sure you spend some time coming up with a well-crafted headline and great writing. Eliminate needless information, work on your punctuation, credit your sources, and don’t be afraid to step away and revisit it later. Make sure you are confident in your final edit and be sure that your headline is accurate, powerful, and optimized for search engines.

Final Touches and Reaching your Audience

SEOMake sure your blog post has the cherry on top with great images to add to its value. It will attract readers and explain your story better. Buy stock images or provide your own images. Then make sure you’ve optimized the post for SEO purposes before publishing. This means that your content is readable, includes keywords, has titles, and more. Publish your content and make sure to set up a schedule to make sure you are putting out blog posts regularly.

Now is the time to share your content on social media, while including hashtags and tags to get readers seeing and interested in your content. Start building your email followers and then start creating more blog posts to attract more readers to your site.

Blogging has become a powerful art form perfect for businesses and many other types of websites. Use this step-by-step guide to make sure your first blog post is a success!

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