Top 5 Benefits of Blogging and Achieving them in 2016

Blogging 2016Have you considered started a blog this year? When you go into blogging, it’s smart to have a game plan and goals that you want to achieve as you manage it. Small businesses benefit greatly from having a blog because it helps you to become an authority in the industry, gain potential clients, and keep your current customers in touch.

Blogging is growing more than ever and it’s a great time to get started. From the extra income it could bring in to the chance of being able to more easily engage with your customers, take a look at these benefits of blogging and how you can achieve them in 2016.

Becoming an industry authority

One of the perks of running a great blog is that people will start to recognize you as an authority in the industry. When they need the latest news, a deeper look at related topics, or if they simply need the facts, they know that your blog is a great place to look. When you run a niched blog, your blog will be more focused and it will be easier to become an expertise.

Make sure you focus your content and used credible, niched sources for your research. You can always share other’s work, but make sure it’s just as valuable and specific as your content. When you choose your research, be careful where you find your sources because great health tips from a site like May Clinic may reach more people but if you believe in alternative medicines, you may be sharing information that doesn’t apply to your readers. Feel free to be a guest blogger for others to grow your following and help to encourage your authority on a topic.

You’ll grow your skillset

Are you new to the world of writing, blogging, and editing? Starting a blog is a great way to develop a skillset. You’ll start learning how to write and edit, how to credit sources, and how to market. Practicing this will make you better at your craft and for some it may turn into their dream job. Make sure you get constructive feedback from a mentor and find support through ebooks, courses, or blogging groups.

It’s a low risk business investment

Low RiskIn addition to being a low risk way to get your brand out there for hardly any cost, it can actually be the way you start a business that doesn’t require a huge risk or budget. It’s a cost-effective way to test out your product, service or blogging abilities.

Some people use their blog to film creative videos, start a talk show, or create an online workshop to coach others on something. You can look around online to see what your competitors or colleagues are doing, selling, and offering to see if you can come up with something different or better. Getting feedback from trusted bloggers may spur more ideas or help you improve yourself too.

Help others and yourself

You may not have realized that a blog can sometimes be a good way to help others through your knowledge and experiences. Offer your help through your blog by giving advice, make tutorials, and answering questions. Ask your audience on social media and start answering popular questions on your blog. It may be as simple as asking your Facebook friends what you can help with today when it comes to their parenting troubles or other specialty.

While blogging can be a great way to help the world, it can work in reverse as a healing way to help yourself after going through a painful life event. Share your story and embrace your community through your blog by telling about your authentic self, starting a community for others to join, and engage with the world.

It can be a great way to make money

Make MoneyAnother benefit to consider when it comes to blogging in 2016 is that it can be a great way to make extra income. Whether you choose to sell ad spots on your blog or you have an actual product or service to sell, blogging can help you make money. You can also sell your blogging skills or recommend products within your articles as an affiliate marketer.

Start blogging this year to improve your brand, reach more people in a positive way, and potentially even make an income.

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