The 2 Top Social Media Sites and How You can Leverage Their Power

facebook-and-twitterUsing Top Social Media Sites is a Necessity for Your Business
There are many different sites that are considered social, but only two that can be mentioned as top social media sites. These two are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is by far the top social media site and will be for many years. Twitter is becoming more and more popular partially because of all the celebrities that use it constantly.

You need to know all about these two top social media sites so that you can leverage the power and make sure you get the most out of these two sites. You have to start by joining these two sites for free and creating a profile on Twitter and a fan page on Facebook. This will be what you use to gain exposure, backlinks, and traffic from these two top social media sites.

The 2 Top Social Media Sites and How to Use Them
1. Facebook

Facebook is huge and if you are not on Facebook you may be found living under a rock or out in the middle of nowhere. Most everybody that is online on a weekly basis has a Facebook profile. This means that you can reach millions of consumers by using Facebook for your business and website.

You have to start by creating a personal Facebook account and profile. It is free and very easy to do. Once you have done this you will want to create a fan page on your account for your business and website. This will be how you leverage Facebook for backlinks and traffic.

Now you want to start building up fans and you can do this in a few different ways. You can add a Facebook icon to your website, every webpage you have, and any blog posts you put up. This gives your visitors the chance to share your content and become a fan of your Facebook page.

You can also use the advertising program that Facebook provides to place your ad on the page of those that fit your criteria. You can target other Facebook members by ages, income, hobbies, and more so that you only get fans that will like what you have to say and what you have to offer.

Once you build up a good amount of fans you can start using Facebook to announce any new products, sales, specials, or information about your business that is relevant. This can help you drive a ton of traffic to your business website and find new and repeat business much easier.

You can also set up your website and/or blog to automatically post all of your new content to your Facebook fan page. This tells all your fans that something new is on your website and/or blog and will also create a backlink from Facebook to your webpages and/or blog posts. This helps you with search engine ranking and traffic.

2. Twitter

Twitter is much different from Facebook and all you need is a profile to start using Twitter. You will want to make sure you create a profile that fits you personally and your business as well. This will help you to show the face behind the company or the website along with give your business some exposure as well.

Once you have your profile you will be able to start gaining followers by putting a Twitter icon on your website and/or blog. You can also start following others that you are interested in and many of them will follow you back.

Just like Facebook you can set up your blog and/or website to post any new content to your Twitter profile as well. This will give you backlinks along with allow all your followers to see what is going on with your business and with your websites. This is very powerful and something you should make sure you do.

facbook-twitter-verticalTop Social Media Sites and Why They are So Powerful
Something that many do not consider when they use these two top social media sites is that they can bring you literally millions of visitors to your website over the course of a year. These sites can be leveraged in ways that can create viral marketing opportunities that can get you a huge amount of exposure.

When you create a blog post and someone shares it on Facebook or Twitter all of their friends or followers can see it. Then, these same friends and followers have the opportunity to “like” it on Facebook or “retweet” it on Twitter. This would mean that all their friends or followers could now see it.

This is a huge opportunity to get a ton of traffic because it creates a snowball effect that could go on and on for weeks, months, or even years. This is one of the most powerful parts of using the top social media sites and if you are not already using them you should start now.

5 Different Types of Social Media Icons You Can Use to Add Style

What are Social Media Icons and Why are they Important?
Social media icons are the different images that you can use for your website visitors to click on and add your website to their Facebook, Twitter, or any other social website. These are incredibly important for you to get viral web traffic and allow your visitors to share your content with their friends.

You need to know all about the different social media icons and the customization that you can use to make them your own. This is important because when you match these icons to your website and your style you will attract more attention, which will lead to more traffic.

Imagine if you were getting 1,000 website visitors a week and 10% of them shared your website or webpage on their Facebook or Twitter account. This could lead to a ton of backlinks, which is great for search engine optimization, and it can lead to a ton of traffic. You can reach millions by using social websites like this.

5 Choices for Social Media Icons
1. The Coffee Look

If you like Starbucks and other coffee shops or your website has anything to do with coffee, then you can use the social media icons that look like coffee mugs. These are very cool for blogs and websites about food, beverages, coffee, or anything else that fits.

Not all social media sites support these types of icons, but there are quite a few that do. You can have quite a bit of fun with these social media icons and you can give your site a bit of a custom look with your new icons.

2. Vintage Icons

You can find some vintage looking social media icons that can help you give your site a great look as well. These are great for sites about old cars, antiques, or anything else that is old and very cool. Many will find these to be very attractive and it will add that little touch to your site you need.

3. Environmentally Friendly Social Media Icons

If your website or blog is all about the environment or if you are all about the “go green” craze, then you can use the icons that fit this theme. Most all of the social media sites have these types of icons and you will be able to include them in your quest to help the environment out.

Going green is a big deal and there are many that will not use companies that are not very environmentally friendly and using social media icons that show that you are green will attract more people to share your information and your website with their friends.

4. Puzzle Pieces for Fun

There are also some very cool social media icons that look like puzzle pieces. These are great for toy website, mystery websites, or fun websites that just want a custom look. If you like puzzles, then you can add them to your website and attract more attention than just a traditional look.

5. The Traditional Icons

You cannot deny the power of the traditional social media icons because they are very recognizable and many know what the Facebook icon looks like. This can be very powerful and if you have a simple blog or website that does not need much of a customized look, then you may want to stick with the traditional.

The True Power of Using the Right Social Media Icons for Your Website
If you want to gain traffic, add a custom look, and spruce up your website, then using custom social media icons is the only way to go. There are many choices out there that you can use and many more coming every single week. You can get your message across and match these icons to the message as well.

When you do this you can attract the type of people you want to your Facebook page or Twitter profile. Plus when you use the right type of social media icons for your website you will get shared more often and you will gain more traffic to your website from this.

Going viral is a huge deal online and with all the social sites that are available you can go viral much easier. You just need to add the right icons to your website to give your visitors the opportunity to help you go viral. Choose social media icons that match your website and watch the viral traffic roll in.

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