Why Beginners Need cPanel Hosting for Their Website

cpanel-control-panel-hostingThose just starting out online need hosting for their website. However, not just any type of hosting will due. Beginners need user-friendly hosting they can start using immediately. CPanel hosting is the best hosting for beginners because it’s so incredibly easy to use.

The administrative area of a cPanel web hosting account is self-explanatory. Even if you’re not sure how to use it, you can find plenty of tutorials online to help with the different parts of your accounts. This makes it perfect for a beginner interested in learning how to use their hosting account and build their website.

Features of cPanel Website Hosting

CPanel hosting comes with many benefits including:

  • Easy to manage website tools
  • Administrative functions without confusion
  • Easily add new domains
  • Add databases with just one click
  • Design builder tools for advanced and beginners
  • Add custom features with ease
  • Overall increase of your website functionality

The features found within your cPanel hosting account make it very easy for you to get the most out of your web hosting package. It doesn’t matter if you choose shared, VPS or dedicated hosting, you will have the option to use cPanel for managing your websites and everything else. This will make it easy for you to do everything you need, in one place.

Benefits You Receive When You Choose cPanel

You get many benefits from cPanel hosting, such as:

  • A Rich in Features Hosting Package – The high stability and many features that come with cPanel allow you to do more with your website than other administrative areas. You can add domains, check bandwidth use, view statistics, manage emails and more. Many experts believe cPanel hosting is the best when it comes to customization and control.
  • Easy Site Maintenance – It’s well known that websites needs maintenance, which includes taking care of your directories, backing up data and many other things. CPanel hosting allows you to everything you need when it comes to site maintenance and they use only the best software for the tasks.
  • Fantastico – This is one of the best features included with cPanel hosting. Within the Fantastico dashboard, you get all kinds of great tools, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other programs. You can install all of these with just one simple click.
  • Email – Managing your email is an important task and you need the top management software for this task. CPanel allows you to assign email accounts to specific domain names and manage each one separately from your administrative area.

Many other benefits come along with a hosting account with cPanel, which makes it the best choice for beginners and many advanced users. You get plenty of control over your site and the price of most cPanel hosting packages is very reasonable.

What You Will Find Within Your cPanel Administrative Area

When you sign up for hosting with ITX Design, you’ll be able to log in to your cPanel administrative area. Once logged in, you will find the following:cpanel-logo

  • Special Offers – This is the first section and contains any add-on tools you might need for your site, such as WordPress themes, SiteLock and web design services.
  • Domain Management – This section allows you to manage your subdomains, add-on domains, parked domains and redirects.
  • Databases – You can access all your MySQL databases from this section and use the phpMyAdmin area.
  • Mail – If you need to set up or manage your email and auto responders, you can do it from this section.
  • Advanced – All advanced features, such as FrontPage Extensions and Cron Jobs are found here.
  • Files – This section provides your file manager and backup software.
  • Logs – All your stats and tracking will be found in this section.
  • Security – If you need to make changes to the SSL.TLS Manager or IP Deny Manager, you can do it through the Security section.
  • Software and Services – Here you will find all your added software, such as Fantastico.

All of these features make it very easy to do anything you need when using a cPanel hosting account for your website or blog. This is the best choice for most websites because it provides a clean look with an easy-to-use administrative area. The tools found throughout the cPanel make it easy to build, manage and run your website from anywhere.

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