Some Extremely Valuable Pointers to Help Engineer the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business

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The Overview of your New Social Media Marketing Plan

It is time that you put together a social media marketing plan that will gain you backlinks, traffic, exposure, and branding.

This can literally help your website go from ‘just okay’, to incredible.

You can share your site all over the internet and allow others to do the same, if you have the right plan in place.

There are many things you need to include in your social media marketing plan and one of the most important things is to decide whether you want to spend money to outsource some of the things that must be done or if you want to do most of it yourself.

If you outsource you can get much more done in a smaller amount of time.

However, not everybody has the cash to outsource so the tips that you are going to discover will help you go from posting yourself to outsource little by little over time. This is a great way to build you website traffic, backlinks, exposure, and branding.

The Top 5 Tips for Your New Social Media Marketing Plan

1. Start with a Free Piece of Software

There are a few different choices that are out there for posting to social sites automatically or at least semi automatically. You can get one of these types of software for free and use it for every webpage, blog post, or piece of content you add to your website. This will help you get out there faster and easier.

Just do a search with your favorite search engine for “free social media software” and you will find a few good choices. This will take you a little bit of time when it comes to posting, but it will be much faster than doing it manually every single time you create a post.

2. Add Icons to your Website or Blog

Another thing you need to do every single time you create a blog post or a webpage is add the different social media icons to your page or post. This will give your visitors the opportunity to share your webpages and blog posts with their friends on social networks. This is one of the most important parts of your social media marketing plan.

You can also use this as a way to get your webpages or posts on your own social sites by going through your posts and clicking on the icons. This will allow you to share the posts with your friends as well.

3. Making Sure your Business is on all the Best Social Sites

You will also want to include the creation of a Facebook fan page, Twitter business profile, Stumbleupon account, and Digg account. These are four of the most powerful choices when it comes to your social media marketing plan and you need to be using at least these four choices.

When you first start out you may only want to use a handful of sites because it is time consuming to post to all of them. However, as you get to the point where you are ready to outsource some of the work you can add more social choices to your plan.

4. Beginning to Outsource and Expand

After you get to the point where you have some good blog posts or webpages out there and on the social sites you can start outsourcing some of the work. You can use ITX Design rather than one of the other freelancer sites and hire someone to go through and share your webpages or blogs on your pages or on theirs.

This is not going to be very expensive and you can start with one post or one page, and then scale it up from there. This can help you to get a ton of backlinks, traffic, and exposure without having to spend as much of your time doing it. Plus when you outsource you can use a ton more social sites than if you do it all yourself.

5. Getting a Paid Version of Submission Software

Another way to build is to get a paid version of submission software that will use mainly social bookmarking websites to help you gain backlinks and traffic. This is a great way to save you time and get 50 to 100 backlinks from social sites without putting in as much work. You will have to spend a little bit of money to get this type of software, however.

If you want to save even more time you can hire a service that has this type of software and can use it for you. This will not be very expensive and it will save you more time that you can be using to write new posts and get them on your website or blog.

Taking the Time to Put Together Your New Social Media Marketing Plan

You have to take the time to put together your social media marketing plan because this is going to be one of the ways that you gain the search engine ranking you want and get your website or blog out there.

This is crucial for long term success, and you need to know that you can certainly get more traffic with the right social media marketing plan.

Use the five tips above to help you put together your plan.

Start off small with a few social sites and work your way up to using more.

You can even take it as far as to build up your efforts with outsourcing, hiring a service, or using software as a part of your social media marketing plan.

Why Should You be Armed with Plenty of Top Social Media Marketing Strategies?

There are many choices when it comes to social media marketing strategies and you need to be armed with some of the best. Why should you be armed with plenty of strategies for social media and marketing? Well, are you on Facebook or Twitter? Do you know anybody that is?

Facebook and Twitter have literally taken over the internet and have become a couple of the best websites to use to find new customers and make more money. They are always developing new strategies to make sure they stay on the top of the social media website list. You need to be using these two social sites.

These are not the only two social sites and you really never know which is going to be the next big social media site. Plus most social sites have a lot of power behind them, which you can help, harness to give your website more power. You can use these sites for backlinks, traffic, and branding.

5 Top Social Media Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

1. A Facebook Fan Page

If you have a business, whether it is all online or not, then you need to have a Facebook fan page. This is how you can communicate with your current clients daily and build more business. Plus you can add an icon to your website and blog to help you get more fans on your page.

The Facebook fan page is one of the best ways to keep all your clients in one place and let them know what you are doing. You can get repeat business from announcing special pricing, sales, and new products with your page as well. It is one more reminder for your clientele that you are out there and ready to work for them.

2. A Twitter Profile

Have you become a part of the Twitter craze? If not, then you should be building your profile as soon as you finish reading the rest of these tips. You could even stop right now and go get a profile up and ready to go, and then come back to the final three tips here. Twitter is a very powerful website and you need to be using it.

Twitter will allow you to create a profile for your business and as you get followers you can gain branding, exposure, and traffic to your website, Facebook fan page, and blog. This is a great way to keep in touch and let your followers know what you are doing as well.

3. An Effective Outsourcing Strategy

If you really want to use one of the best social media marketing strategies and gain exposure and backlinks, then you need to consider outsourcing or hiring a service to help you get more backlinks fast. Not all of the social media sites are like Facebook and Twitter. Some are considered social bookmarking sites and they are very powerful.

You can hire a service or a person that will bookmark all of your webpages, blog posts, your Twitter page, and even your Facebook fan page on these social bookmarking sites. This can give you a ton of different backlinks that have a good amount of power. This will help you rank better on search engines and get more traffic.

4. Adding Icons to your Website and Blog

Another one of the top social media marketing strategies is to add the icons for each social media and social bookmarking site to your blog and website. This will allow all of your visitors the opportunity to share your posts and information on all of the different social websites.

Imagine if just 10% of your visitors shared your blog posts or webpages on their Facebook and Twitter account. This could bring you in a ton of traffic. Plus if they share it, then their friends can share it, and their friends, friends can share it, and so on. This can become very powerful if you use it correctly.

5. Combining all the Most Popular Social Media Marketing Strategies

If you really want to gain backlinks, traffic, exposure, and branding for your company, website, or blog, then you may want to use all of the different social media marketing strategies together in a full social marketing plan. This could help you get a ton of exposure and backlinks, which will make your site more powerful for the long run.

Why are Social Media Marketing Strategies so Powerful?


Many of those that are on the internet are on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, FriendFeed, and the multitude of other social sites that are out there.

Some people actually get all their news from some of the social bookmarking sites and some people spend hours upon hours every single day on sites like Facebook.

This means that if you are in front of them in any way on these sites they will remember you better and your brand can be built.

This will make your business, your website, and your blog more powerful. Social media marketing strategies are incredibly powerful and you need to have a plan to use them.

Another thing to consider is that nearly half the people carrying a cellular phone have a smart phone now.

These phones have instant access to the social sites that are most popular and apps for the ones that are not as popular.

This means that if you send out a Facebook post to your fans many of them will get it instantly right on their phone.

Could you imagine the business you could get when you announce a huge sale or a new product this way? Many have seen huge returns on launching a product over social sites and have used this to boost profits right from the beginning. This is why social media marketing strategies are so important and powerful.

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