3 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

social-media-blurbWhat are Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners and How can they Benefits you?
Usually the first thing a beginner wants to know when they begin their search for social media marketing tips for beginners is how it will benefit them. These tips are going to help you in many ways and if you are a true beginner it is your step into the social online world.

The world has changed and so has the internet. You have to know that you can now find your customers online much easier, but it requires you to go where they are. Social media sites make it very easy to zone in and target specific groups by age, hobby, interest, and even by relationship status or sex.

This benefits you because when you begin to use the social media marketing tips for beginners you will see how you can easily start building up your business, communicating better, and building a recognizable brand and reputation through social sites. Here are the tips you need to get started.

The 3 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners to Devour
1. Start with the Two Best, Facebook and Twitter

One of the biggest mistakes that a beginner can make is to become overwhelmed by trying to use too many social sites at once. There are a ton of these sites and using all of them from the beginning will become very time consuming and very hard to keep up with. You will probably quit before you see any positive results.

Instead of trying to use a dozen or so sites right away just start with 2. Start with the top 2, which are Twitter and Facebook. These are the most visited and used social media sites on the internet and you can learn how to implement your social medial marketing strategies with these two first.

2. Create an Honest Profile for Both Sites

The worst thing you could do for your company is create a profile that is not honest. Consumers are not stupid and once they figure out that you are not being honest with them, they will call you out to everybody. This could ruin you for good on these sites. Start with an honest profile and you will be just fine.

You may be wondering why you would be dishonest in your profile, but it does happen quite a bit. Many companies will use a young and attractive woman as their picture and use an age that is very young. This is a marketing tactic that some believe works, but it will only work if you are peddling adult movies.

Instead just use yourself, especially if you are the owner, and be honest about whom you are. One of the most comforting things for a consumer is knowing who the owner is and what they are all about. If the owner of a company seems and is trustworthy, then it is easier to trust the actual company.

3. Post relevant and useful content regularly

Many people that use Twitter and Facebook will post about their day or about what they are doing. This is not necessary for a company. You do want to post a bit of personal information once in a while, but always try to keep it company oriented. You want to post about what your company is up to.

You can post new promotions, new product releases, what might be going on in your industry, and any other information that could be useful. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and figure out what you would want to read if you were looking for information on your company or industry.

social-media-signsA Couple of Bonus Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners
Bonus Tip #1 – Using Viral Marketing on your Blog

First and foremost, if your company does not have a blog, then you need to fix that right now. Get someone on it or get on it yourself and get a blog started. Make sure fresh and relevant content will be added regularly. Then, you can start to implement your viral marketing through your blog and social media sites.

Now you can have a Facebook “like” button and a Twitter “tweet this” button added to each and every blog post. This will allow anybody that reads it to share every blog post with their friends. You can also set it up so that every single time you make a post it gets shared on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Bonus Tip #2 – Using the Pay Per Click Marketing on Facebook

If you want to explode the amount of fans you have for your company’s Facebook page, then take advantage of their pay per click marketing. The ads you see on the side of the page when you are on Facebook are targeted towards you and you can do the same for your company.

Facebook will allow you to target groups by age, sex, hobby, interest, and more. This is a very cheap way to bring more people to your page and website. This means more possible customers and this is probably the best of all the social media marketing tips for beginners.

The Best 3 Social Media Marketing Tactics 2013

The Third Best Social Media Marketing Tactics 2013
We are just going to get right to it with the third best social media marketing tactics 2013. This tactic is to use content to answer questions that customers or potential customers might have about your product, service, or company. This is to be used with sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, and more.

Basically you have to start by understanding that content is still king on the internet and you have to use it to your advantage. If you have a frequently asked questions section on your website, then you can start with these answers. You will have to shorten them for Twitter, but with most of the others sites like Facebook you can post a pretty large amount of text.

Take the answer to the question you are working with and reform it into a paragraph that can be used on Facebook. When you post to Twitter, just post a short version and a link to the Facebook post. This will help to build a brand for you and give your followers and fans some useful information about your product, company, or service.

The Second Best Social Media Marketing Tactics 2013
Now that you have an idea of where we are going with these tips you can use the second best social media marketing tactics 2013 to your advantage. This tip is all about creating a brand. This will require that you inspire people to take action and share your posts with their friends. In short, this is called viral marketing.

The basic idea is to create posts a few time a week or month that are geared towards getting others to not only read or view what you are posting, but also share it with their friends. This tactic can also be used on your blog if you have one. If you do not have one, then it is suggested that you start a blog for your company.

When you post to your blog you can use a plugin (assuming it is a wordpress blog, if not there are other ways to do this) to add a Facebook “like” button at the bottom or top of the post. This can be done with other social media sites as well and when someone clicks on it they will share it with all of their friends.

If you can write or hire someone to write great blog posts or great social media posts for you, then you can inspire others to share your message with their friends. This can get you more followers, more fans, and ultimately a more recognizable brand that more people will want to be a part of.

The Best Social Media Marketing Tactics 2013
The absolute best social media marketing tactics 2013 is to actually use the social media sites properly. No longer are you able to just simply “sell” a new customer. They will sell themselves through word of mouth and through your online interaction on social websites. This is where they are and you need to go there to find them.

The best part is these website are set up for marketers. The creators of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and the others may not have known right away what they had, but when someone has to fill in their age, sex, hobbies, and other information to create a profile it is a marketers dream. This makes the marketing so very easy.

You can use these sites to target a specific group of people that you know will be interested in what you are selling or offering. For example, if you are in the golf business you can concentrate your marketing towards those that have added golf to their hobbies. This is the best of the best social media marketing tactics 2013 has to offer.

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